The Best Saeco Espresso machines for 2021

Saeco Picobaristo Review

The Best Saeco Espresso Machines for 2021

Saeco is an Italian brand that has been around for more than 30 years now. And is well known for its quality products including a range of different super-automatic, capsule, and manual coffee machines.

If you are looking for the latest features in your coffee machine, you need to choose Saeco. The company has a range of different products on offer.

In this guide, we will compare three of the best super-automatic coffee machines by Saeco. It will assist you in making the right decision when choosing the best Saeco coffee machine for your kitchen.

For a quick reference, let’s go through the comparison chart before the in-depth reviews and buying guide.

Saeco Comparison Chart

FeaturesTasteBrewing capacityUser-friendlinessDesign & materialsCleaning & maintenanceFrothingGrinding
XelsisNot too rich, but there is a creamy & aromatic taste to it1.7 liter (~7 cups)Easy to useTitanium body with plastic accentsSimple to cleanCreamy & richAdjustable grinder
IncantoAromatic & creamy and aromatic but not rich taste1.8 liter (~7.5 cups)Very easy in usageStainless steel body with plastic accentsEasy to cleanLess airy but creamyNon-adjustable grinder
PicoBaristoAromatic & creamy but not rich in taste1.8 liter (~7.5 cups)Simple to useStainless steel body with plastic accentsManageable consumingAirier but creamyAdjustable grinder

The Best Saeco Coffee Machine Reviews

#1- Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine – Best Overall

Key features

  • High-quality titanium construction.
  • Inbuilt adjustable grinder.
  • 15 different coffee beverages.

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The best Saeco coffee machine is Xelsis because it comes with all the premium quality features, therefore, it also comes with a bigger price tag as compared to the other two coffee machines.

This coffee machine is made of quality titanium steel that looks outstanding in any modern kitchen. But there is a catch…!

This titanium exterior is pretty easy to scratch. If you have kids or pets in your home, you need to be very careful with it.

Here’s more on this machine!

Xelsis comes with 15 different settings for coffee beverages. So you just need to push a button to access 15 different coffee recipes.

It also features an inbuilt grinder that comes with 12 different settings. It means you can conveniently select the bean coarseness according to your recipe.

There are five different aroma settings and you can conveniently select the recipe with the help of the machine’s very intuitive TFT color display. Xelsis also features an inbuilt frother that can manage Latte Perfecto. It means the froth it can produce is pretty creamy and rich and significantly contributes to the overall flavor.

This coffee machine also comes with a coffee equalizer. It allows you to alter the characteristics of your final cup by using its touch screen. The machine comes with HygieSteam to make those milk-based drinks conveniently. And with the AquaClean filter, your final cup will always come out of the deepest purification process to ensure proper taste.


  • Can produce 15 different coffee-based drinks.
  • Six different user profiles available that you can save for quick access.
  • The inbuilt grinder comes with 12 different coarseness adjustments.
  • Three different settings for temperature.
  • Five aroma settings.
  • Highly intuitive TFT display that comes with a coffee equalizer.
  • AquaClean filter for deep purification of water.
  • HygieSteam for an enhanced taste of milk-based beverages.


  • This is an expensive machine.
  • Its titanium exterior can be scratched easily.

#2- Saeco Incanto Espresso Machine – Best for Price

Key features

  • AquaClean filter.
  • Auto-clean.
  • Powder option.

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The Incanto is another super-automatic coffee machine if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. But it doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on quality.

This coffee machine comes with a water reservoir capacity of 1.8L. Therefore, it can conveniently make seven and a half cups of coffee. Therefore, it will enable you to serve a few of your friends with a good tasting coffee.

The reason we mentioned this machine can produce a rich tasting coffee. And you will be left asking for more when it comes to frothing. This coffee machine can produce Pannarello frothing that is less airy. So if you’re looking for an authentic tasting coffee recipe this machine will surely disappoint the ones who know how to make cafe-style coffee.

But of course, if you are looking for convenience, you will be happy to taste the coffee. It can only produce three different coffee recipes but there are five different adjustments for the grinder. With the help of five different aroma settings, you can bring out the taste in your cup. And there are three different temperature settings as well.

The front panel of this machine comes with buttons and is pretty simple to use. Cleaning and maintenance of this machine is not a problem just like all other coffee machines by Saeco. It’s made of tough stainless steel so it can stand the test of time. It is not that easy to scratch either like titanium. So even if you have kids and pets in your home, this coffee machine can handle the pressure.


  • Features an LED display that is pretty user-friendly.
  • Three different temperature settings.
  • Five different aroma settings.
  • The frother can make Panarello frothing.
  • Comes with an AquaClean filter to eradicate excess calcium from the water.
  • Inbuilt grinder with five different coarseness levels.


  • It can only make 3 different coffee drinks.
  • Only a single user profile can be saved.

#3- Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine – Best for Value

Key features

  • Deluxe Carafe frothing.
  • 11 different coffee recipes.
  • 10 different grinder adjustments.

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This coffee machine draws the line right in the middle of Saeco Xelsis and Saeco Incanto. It means you will get a better deal in terms of features as well as price. Hence, this is the best coffee machine by Saeco in terms of value.

It comes with 11 different preset coffee recipes and there are 10 different settings when it comes to the grinder adjustment. Therefore, you can conveniently choose the coffee bean grinding level according to the coffee recipe you are going for.

This machine doesn’t come with a touch screen and features buttons on it instead. Apart from that, there is no titanium exterior here. These two points are the primary contributors to reducing the price.

The coffee machines also feature AquaClean filters. It means your final come will have a proper taste with fewer impurities. This filter eradicates any impurities from the water and will also prevent the development of gunk too frequently.

The machine has a very comfortable and user-friendly design and everything is available right in front of you. The frother of this coffee machine produces airier froth so if you don’t like a heavy layer of steamed milk, this is the right option for you.

As there are 11 different coffee drinks you can make with this machine, you can also alter the coarseness of your beans in the hopper at just a touch. This machine is all about providing you with a quick and convenient coffee-making experience without breaking your bank balance. This machine also features HygieSteam that allows you to make milk-based beverages in no time.


  • This coffee machine can conveniently make 11 different coffee drinks.
  • With HygieSteam it can effectively create milk-based beverages as well.
  • There are ten different adjustment settings for the grinder.
  • 5 different aroma settings and 3 different temperature settings.
  • It also comes with an AquaClean filter to ensure proper water purification.


  • Frothing is not that great and is airier which is not the ideal option for some coffee drinks.

Buying Guide

There are some important features that you need to consider before buying a coffee machine from Saeco. There are different kinds and they come with a plethora of different features. It can become pretty overwhelming to make the right choice. This guide will help you sort out such problems effectively.


Taste is the single most important factor that you must consider before buying a coffee machine. There is no point in buying a machine that cannot achieve the minimum taste standard because these coffee machines don’t come cheap.

You have to keep this in mind that super-automatic machines are not very effective when it comes to taste. Especially, if you compare them with semi-automatic machines. These machines are designed around convenience. You don’t have to spend too much time experimenting with the recipe. Just push the button and the machine will start working on one of the preset recipes.

But still, make sure you go for a machine that can extract the best flavor out of your coffee beans and can also produce a creamy froth. Therefore, you have to rely heavily on the quality of the coffee beans. Coarseness also matters but we will talk about that in the following text. In terms of taste, Xelsis is way better than Incanto or PicoBaristo.

Brewing Capacity

Brewing capacity is going to matter if you frequently host some small gatherings. In case you are frequently joined by your family and friends for coffee. In such a scenario you will need a machine with a larger brewing capacity.

10 to 12 cups would be a better option for you if the gatherings are large. Otherwise, 7 to 8 cups capacity is good enough as well. All three of the Saeco super-automatic machines including Xelsis, Incanto, and PIcoBaristo.

Design & materials

Seaco has used high-quality materials in the construction of its coffee machines. Stainless steel is the preferred choice for the construction of these coffee machines. They come with some of the plastic hints as well. Stainless steel is very durable and it is ahead to scratch as well. Incanto and PicoBaristo are the best options if that is the case. However, if you are looking for some good looks, choose Xelsis as it is made of Titanium and looks pretty sleek. But the exterior is pretty easy to scratch as well.

Cleaning & maintenance

When you choose a good company, you will get quality products with services. And similar is the case with Saeco. The company provides its customers with a long and detailed owner’s manual that guides the entire process of cleaning and maintenance. And the steps listed in them are pretty easy to follow.


Frothing is going to be very crucial because super-automatic machines are not that great at producing rich tasting coffees. Any commercial-grade frother will work just fine. But you can also go for coffee machines with specialized frothers. Xelsis comes with Latte Perfecto that is a top choice for rich and creamy frothing. Incanto comes with a Panarello frother ideal for making creamy but less airy froth. While the PicoBaristo features a Deluxe Carafe frother that produces an airier froth.


Most of the super-automatic machines come with inbuilt grinders. Because they need to provide you with that complete bean-to-cup experience. Therefore, all the super-automatic coffee machines by Saeco come with inbuilt grinders.

You need to look for various coarseness adjustments because they will allow you to get better flavors from the beans in different coffee drinks. Xelsis comes with 12 different grinder settings, PicoBarsito comes with 10 different grinder settings while Incanto features 5 different grinder settings.

FAQs for the Saeco Xelsis

Do Saeco coffee machines require descaling?

All these super-automatic machines by Saeco come with AquaClean filters. This filter is there to eradicate any impurifications from the water you are using in the coffee machine. It means you won’t have to deal with gunk at all. But you will have to replace the filter after every 5000 cups.

What is the best type of coffee beans to use with super-automatic machines?

Super-automatic coffee machines don’t produce that rich of a taste as compared to a semi-automatic. You can go with a medium to dark roast coffee beans for the best flavors and make sure that the beans are not too oily either.

Do Saeco coffee machines perform well?

Saeco is a good quality brand for coffee machines. If you are looking for some advanced and innovative features in your coffee machines, this is your go-to brand. These machines are robust in design and look pretty sleek.

The Verdict

The best Saeco coffee machine is Xelsis. It comes with multiple features and the machine boasts 15 different preset coffee recipes. You can also choose different coarseness levels with the inbuilt grinder.

And with the intuitive display, this machine is pretty simple and convenient to use. The best part is, it produces Latte Perfecto frother that produces a rich and creamy froth with a variety of coffee drinks.

Incanto is a better choice if your focus is on budget. And if you are looking for value, choose PicoBaristo. No matter what your preference is, Saeco has got you covered and that is a sign of a good quality company.