The Best Philips Coffee Machines for 2021

Philips 2200 Review

Philips is undoubtedly one of the top brands when it comes to consumer appliances. And their coffee machines are no exception as well.

The best feature of these coffee machines by Philips is you don’t have to break your bank to get them. And they still come with some innovative features that the modern coffee machines have in them.

In this guide, we’ll talk about two of the best coffee machines by Philips and compare them to see which one comes on top.

So keep reading to find out the best Philips coffee machines in the fully-automatic category.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesTasteBrewing CapacityControl and displayMaterialsFrothingGrinding
Philips 3200Rich and aromatic but slightly stronger60 fl oz or 7.5 cupsIntuitive touch screenPlasticClassic frother12-setting ceramic grinder
Philips 2200Rich and aromatic but slightly milder60 fl oz or 7.5 cupsIntuitive touch screenPlasticClassic frother12-setting ceramic grinder

The Best Philips Espresso Machines in 2021

#1- Philips 3200

Key features:

  • 4 inbuilt coffee recipes
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 3 aromatic settings

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Philips 3200 is one of the best fully-automatic machines that come with 4 different inbuilt coffee recipes. You can either go for espresso, espresso lungo, Americano, and regular coffee.

The machine comes with a very intuitive touch screen to easily access all the controls. The display is pretty clear and is right there in front of the machine. You can conveniently make adjustments to the aroma and strength according to your requirements.

Another excellent feature of this machine is 12 different grinder adjustments. And you can alter the coarseness according to your needs. The grinder comes with an aroma seal that will keep your beans fresher for a longer period. Therefore, you can let them be in your machine’s bean hopper.

But that is not all…

This coffee machine also features an AquaClean filter to ensure your final cup doesn’t have any impurities. It will not only influence a lot on the taste of your final cup but will also reduce the overall descaling requirements.

Your machine can last up to 5000 cups and you won’t need to descale it all. And when you need to thoroughly clean, you can easily remove the debris.

This machine is all about convenience and the best part is it looks pretty nice as well. This machine is better suited for contemporary kitchens as it comes with sleek features and cuts. It won’t provide your kitchen with the typical cafe-like look or devalue your countertop.


  • Inbuilt bean hopper with 12 different coarseness settings.
  • Compact construction and footprint.
  • AquaClean filter reduces any descaling requirement and gunk production.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Features a classic frother.
  • Can make four different coffees including Americano, espresso, regular coffee, and espresso lungo.


  • Not as rich and strong a flavor as produced by a semi-automatic machine.

#2- Philips 2200

Key features:

  • 2 different coffee drinks
  • 3 aromatic settings
  • 3 temperature settings

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If you compare the looks and features of Philips 3200 with Philips 2200, you will find no differences at all. Both these machines are identical to each other. However, there is one major difference between these two machines.

The Philips 2200 comes with only two inbuilt or preset coffee recipes. These include the likes of espresso and coffee. Apart from that, you can make hot water with this machine. On the other hand, Philips 3200 comes with four different inbuilt coffee recipes.

There are three different temperature settings on these machines too. And you can also choose from three different aromatic settings.

Philips 2200 comes with a classic steel frother that you will find on the 3200 model. Even the dimensions are pretty much similar. Philips uses hard plastic in the construction of its machines.

And it’s pretty durable as well. But make sure you don’t drop your machine on the floor or it will damage your machine for good. The surface of the machine is also resistant to smudges or scratches.

This machine also comes with an AquaClean filter to keep the impurities away from your final cup. It will also reduce the calcium content in your coffee and will keep the gunk under control.

You can alter the temperature and the coarseness settings and can conveniently bring the best flavor out of your final cup according to your requirements.


  • AquaClean filter requires a minimum amount of descaling
  • The grinder features aroma seal capabilities for longer storage
  • 12 different settings for coarseness adjustment
  • Highly intuitive touch screen display
  • Very easy to clean by removing brew group


  • Only a couple of inbuilt coffee recipes.

Buying Guide

Here are some of the features that you must consider when buying a coffee machine.


Primarily, there are three different types of coffee machines. One is fully-automatic while the other one is semi-automatic. There are manual machines as well.

  • Fully-automatic

Fully-automatic machines provide the user with convenience. They come with preset programs and inbuilt recipes. You just have to push the buttons for your favorite one. If you don’t have any experience with coffee making, this is the right machine for you.

  • Semi-automatic

Some coffee machines allow you to take control of your coffee cup. These coffee machines allow you to alter the temperature, pressure as well as the volumetric dosage in your shots to fully customize the cup you want to drink.

You can conveniently make adjustments according to your needs. However, you need to be experienced in coffee making to work with these machines.

  • Manual

There are manual coffee machines as well and you are fully responsible for what your final cup would take. For this, you will need to have plenty of experience in the art of coffee making and must understand how different aspects of your coffee work in different recipes.


When choosing a coffee machine, you have to be sure that the machine you are going for is user-friendly. If you have to spend a lot of time going through the settings to make just a single cup, you are doing it wrong. The machine should have all the controls to easily access and free of any ambiguities.

Cleaning and maintenance

Another important feature you should consider is the cleaning and maintenance features. Make sure the machine you are looking for is very easy to clean and descale.

It must also come with a proper set of guidelines or instructions you can follow to make it work as a new unit. If the machine requires assembling and reassembling before the cleaning process these procedures need to be easy as well.

Water tank reservoir

You also need to consider what should be the ideal water tank capacity of your coffee machine. If you are the only one who is going to drink a cup or few throughout the day then a machine that comes with a liter tank capacity will suffice.

However, if you are accompanied by 2 or 3 people, you should go for a tank capacity of around 2 liters. Anything more than that will work better if more people join you frequently.

For office use, you should consider a tank capacity of well over 3 liters to get you through the day with only a couple of refills.

Inbuilt Grinder

If you don’t already own a grinder for your coffee beans, you should go for a machine that comes with an inbuilt grinder.

Generally, a grinder with a bean hopper of around 8.8 ounces is enough for a variety of purposes. But there are machines available that come with a bean hopper and has a smaller capacity than that.


Of course, if you are looking at a quality super-automatic machine, it needs to feature a frother as well. Frothers that can create rich and creamy froths would be suitable for several coffee-based and milk-based beverages. However, you can omit this feature if you don’t prefer froths in your coffee.

FAQs for the Philips Coffee Machines

Are Philips coffee machines any good?

Philips is one of the top consumer appliances brands and its products are very popular for their quality. The coffee machines come from these brands offer good performance and are resilient. The company also provides its users with top-notch after-sale services as well so it is worth a shot.

Are fully-automatic machines better than semi-automatic machines?

They both are different machines. Fully-automatic machines are designed around convenience while semi-automatic machines offer a tremendous amount of customizability. If you don’t have much experience in coffee making choose a fully-automatic machine.

If you know all about the intricate details that a cup of coffee is based upon pressure and temperature settings, choose a semi-automatic machine.

Does AquaClean filter work?

Yes, AquaClean filters work as they keep any impurities from entering into your final cup of coffee. As your machine handles the water that contains these impurities there is an increased number of chances to descale the gunk from your brew group quite frequently.

With such a filter in place, these chances are significantly reduced and you won’t have to descale your machine as often. Additionally, your final cup will taste much better as it doesn’t have any impurities in it from the water.


Philips is a top-notch brand and if you are looking for the best fully-automatic coffee machine from this brand, choose the Philips 3200. It comes with 12 different grinder settings for you to adjust the coarseness level of your coffee grounds. It also comes with 3 different temperature and aroma settings to meet your needs.

The machine is quite simple to clean and maintain. Your purchase comes with all the instructions to get through the cleaning process easily. Your true-bean-to-cup coffee making experience is just a button away with Philips 3200.