Keurig K200 vs K250 – Which one is the right choice?

Keurig K200 VS K250

A lot of the people all around the world can not start the day before they have had their cup of coffee. It seems like they cannot even open their eyes without having a cup of piping hot cup of joe. This is exactly the type of people that will need to read this article because these people simply must have a brewer. Of course, the subject of the right brewer is very important for them because it means a lot to the quality of their day. In this case, they need to get a good coffee brewer which will satisfy their needs.

One of the most important things about coffee brewers is the manufacturer itself. So, it is no wonder that anyone who knows this subject will tell you to look for a reputable manufacturer. Luckily for everyone, manufacturers like Keurig exist and they are one of the best choices for coffee drinkers worldwide.

You can spend a lot of money on a coffee maker, but that won’t guarantee you supreme quality. In fact, it is always a safe bet to go with someone who is reputable and who is known all around the world for offering superior coffee brewers. As we said, Keurig offers such coffee brewers and they offer a lot of them. They have different models and they work on constantly improving them too. This type of work is exactly what results in having satisfied and loyal customers for so many years. A lot of people have been very confused because of the somewhat hard-to-understand difference between the Keurig models. Of course, we will compare the K200 and the K250 to make it clear for you as a potential buyer. Knowing these things will help you make the right decision and it will help you get the best results possible.

Keurig K200 VS K250 Comparison Chart

Cup SizeUp to 30 ozUp to 30 oz
Removable Drip Tray
Strength Control
Touchscreen Controls
LCD Screen Signals
Indicator Lights
Customer Reviews
Our Rating90%95%
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

What do K200 and K250 single serve coffee makers have in common

As we said before, a lot of brewers coming from the Keurig brand can be confusing to the fresh buyers on the market. In the case of K200 and K250, there are several things that you need to know about what makes them similar. Of course, they do have a lot of similarities. Aside from coming from the same manufacturer, they also come from the same series – the 2.0.

Another thing that makes them similar is that they have the same number of brew sizes – 9, and this also means that on this subject, they offer the same features. However, they do have some features which will help you tell them apart. For example, the Keurig K200 has one charcoal filter as an additional accessory. On the other hand, the K250 has two charcoal filters as well as a four sample K-cup pods and a descaling solution to make the user experience better.

A thing that makes them identical is their reservoir. Namely, we are talking about the same removable reservoir of 40-ounces. Also, they share the same touch display which is very easy to use. You should know that the display is only black and white.

When you use both of these amazing coffee brewers, you can control the strength and it is what makes them high-end compared to other models in this price range. Moreover, you should know that the drip tray in both of them is removable and you can clean it accordingly and easily.

The real differences between the K200 and the K250 

Keurig 2.0 K200 Plus coffee makerSince we know that both of these models come from the same manufacturer and the same series, it is only reasonable for them to share a lot of features. However, since they are different products, they must have things that can set them apart. In the case of these two models, the main difference comes from the additional accessories.

They look identical from the outside and even the greatest professionals in some cases will not be able to tell them apart. So, the reason the manufacturer gave them different names must lie within. Namely, we are talking about the additional accessories which can be found in the Keurig K250 and cannot be found in the K200. As we said before, the K250 offers something more than the K200 which only features a charcoal filter. Compared to it, the K250 has an additional charcoal filter. It also has a descaling solution to add to the convenience of using it. The K250 even has 4 sample K-cup pods which can come in quite handy for those who never have enough pods in stock.

The Design Differences

If you look at them closely, you will notice that there aren’t differences on this subject. After all, Keurig sticks to their well-known design. This design is excellent for almost anyone’s needs. Regardless of how your kitchen looks like, they fit in perfectly in different environments. Both of them have a simple yet modern and sophisticated design that adds to the luxurious look of any kitchen.

Keurig K250 Plus SeriesIn order to maximize customer satisfaction, the designers at Keurig made sure that these models can be found in different colors. Namely, you can get them in violet, green or pearl white – everything according to your specific needs. They are designed to fit in and not be bulky or to ruin the overall aesthetic touch.

Still, we have to notice that there are slight differences between these two models, design-wise. We are talking again about the colors. The K200 has the upper hand in this case because it can be found in some additional colors in which the Keurig K250 cannot be found. For example, we are talking about the turquoise one, as well as others which can be a good choice for those with Mediterranean-style kitchens.

All in all, both of these coffee makers add aesthetic value to different bars and kitchens because they have a nice minimalistic design. The black and white touch display although functional, it also adds to the classiness of the whole coffee brewer. More importantly, they do not take up a lot of space and they can be put almost anywhere you like them to. Lastly, you should know that compared to the previous models, these ones are a bit taller. Specifically, they come at approximately 14 inches but this doesn’t affect the quality or the performance negatively.

Other things to know about the Keurig K200 and the K250

As you probably know already, Keurig really cares about giving their customers the best experience. This is why they manufacture brewers which make sure that the user customizes their brews. This is why a lot of people have praised the features found in both of these models. For example, the user can choose between different strength control options as well as high altitude settings. The users even have an option to pour hot cocoa which is amazing for those cold nights. Those who live in environments with high altitudes will surely appreciate this feature which allows them to set up these options.

You can even remove the drip tray and you will be able to drink your coffee from your favorite mug. There is nothing like having a good cup of coffee from a mug that has a personal value in the morning. You will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. In the end, you will save a lot of time and energy too.

Both single serve coffee makers have a touch screen, a water filter handle, and multiple brew sizes.


There are a lot of drinks that make our lives easier. However, it seems that coffee is always the best one. With a good coffee maker like the K200 or the K250, the users get the ultimate experience without overpaying for it. From hot cocoa to customized personal drinks and ground coffee. Both of these coffee makers are there to make sure that the users get nothing but the best.

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They are both compatible with K-mug, K-vue, and K-carafe pods. Although for some people it might seem like the water reservoir is small, this is not the case. 40 ounces is more than enough to keep your coffee maker going for a long time. Also, this basically means you will never have to worry about how you serve your guests. They are very easy to use and super fast, so you won’t spend time making coffee when you can do more important things. All in all, both the K200 and the Keurig K250 are there to make your life a lot easier, tastier and more convenient.