Keurig K10 vs K15 – The differences worth mentioning

Coffee making machines are taking a huge swing on the market. They appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That is why, it’s not a big surprise that coffee maker manufacturers are introducing new types of coffee makers each year, even every few months. There are frequently new additions to the big coffee maker market.  One particular brand that always delivers a tasty cup of coffee for you is the Keurig. For most coffee lovers, it’s a dream come true. You’ll have a hot and tasty cup of coffee, ready for you in just a matter of seconds. There’s no need to wait for the big pot to fill up with coffee, nor the need to measure out coffee grinds, which almost always leads to a mess.

The coffee maker machines made by Keurig are designed to brew in a matter of seconds. We’re not just talking coffee here, but also, tea, iced coffee, hot chocolate and other types of hot beverages. The coffee grounds are pre-measured, thus saving you time. The measurement sizes include the K-Cup and the Vue Cup, both of them are small pods. The delivery time of the machine is between 20-60 seconds from the time you’ve selected your brew. After that, the single pod needs to be discarded. It’s good only for a single use. There are various models to choose from the Keurig. Starting small with the “Mini-Keurig”, working all the way up to the “Keurig Vue”. What type of machine you go for depends on your needs. Each machine offers different options and different sizes.

Keurig K10 VS K15 Comparison Chart

Cup Size6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.
Removable Drip Tray
Brewing TimeBrews coffee in under 2 minutes.Brews coffee in under 2 minutes.
Auto Off Feature
Reusable Coffee Filter
Indicator Lights
PriceDiscontinuedCheck Price

More differences and similarities between the Keurig K10 and Keurig K15

As we said, the coffee markets are overflowing with different coffee makers and their manufacturer. But you must beware of poorly-built machines which won’t function and on which you won’t be able to rely on. The bright side of all of this is that Keurig is not a manufacturer you can doubt. In fact, they are trusted and they are known worldwide for their high-quality coffee machines. It is important to talk some more about one of their best selling models – the K10 and the K15.

A lot of people have expressed their positive experience with the K10 and the K15. This is why we are here to tell you how to choose between these two. After reading this article, you will know exactly why you need to have a coffee maker. Also, you will know why Keurig is always a smart choice. Lastly, you’ll know which one of the two models proposed today is the better choice for your needs.

K10 and K15 setup process

First impressions are always important and in the case of coffee makers, the setup process is this first impression. In the case of Keurig K10 and K15, there are several things you need to know before you make the purchase. If you are one of those people who are afraid of doing handyman stuff, Keurig is the manufacturer for you. They aim to offer products which don’t require extra work or knowledge from the buyers. On the subject of installation, there aren’t differences between the K15 and the K10. Namely, it takes the same steps to set them up and enjoy your first cup of coffee after the purchase.

All you need to do is to actually unbox the package and get the coffee machine out of it. You need to pour water into the cold reservoir and turn it on by pushing the power button. Afterward, you need to make sure that the water flows into the brewer by lifting the handle. Next, you insert the single cup coffee and place your mug on the designated space. The brew button is the last thing you do before you have a fresh cup of tasty coffee to make your day a lot better.

Even if you do face some issues or troubles during this process, you can always rely on the user-manual to give you detailed tips and hints on how to improve the situation and resolve the issue. Lastly, you have a Keurig support team that will help you through your issue step-by-step.

Aesthetics of the Keurig K10 vs K15

The Keurig K10

Today’s society does not rely solely on functionality. It is equally important for a product to be visually attractive as it is important to be practical and functional. This is exactly the reason why a lot of manufacturers seek to achieve a good design. Keurig however, succeeded while doing so. They have designed both the K10 and the K15 to look extremely sleek and luxurious. Moreover, they did this without adding too many details to them and risking giving a kitsch design.

They look pleasing to the eye and they don’t stand out from the everyday bar or kitchen environment. Although K10 came before the K15, they look exactly the same and even a professional will not be able to make the difference easily. However, they do have some differences from a designing point of view. Compared to the K10, the K15 comes in more colors from which the buyer can choose. Namely, the K15 comes in Jade, Platinum, Blue, Red and Black color.

Asides from this, the K10 and the K15 share the same dimensions which are just right for a coffee maker with these features. Additionally, they share the same weight. Moreover, they can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen according to the specific needs of the buyer. You simply cannot be disappointed from an aesthetic point of view because both of them add a luxurious and modern touch to every interior design.

Keurig K15 and K10 features

The Keurig K15

The most important thing a potential buyer should have on their mind when they buy a coffee machine are the features of the product they are considering. First of all, when we talk about these two models, it is important to note that they share a lot of features which confuse fresh buyers. However, there are some small additional features which you can find on the K15.

For example, the K10 can brew coffee along with iced beverages, hot cocoa, and tea. On the other hand, the K15 has a single cup water reservoir which makes sure that the portability is better. Both of these models can brew 6 oz, 8 oz and 10oz. sizes. Also, they share the same removable drip tray which can be helpful if you want to use your own mug. Another feature they share is their speed. Namely, we are talking about two models which can bring you a fresh cup of coffee in no time! They can brew a cup of coffee in under than 2 minutes. This is very convenient and time-saving for all those who are always late for work.

What makes the K15 slightly better compared to the K10 in terms of features are the additional options and benefits it offers. Namely, the K15 has a reusable coffee filter which is both convenient and time-saving, as well as an auto-off feature which can be very helpful in terms of safety. Regarding the personalization, the K15 offers indicator lights and button controls to ensure maximized user satisfaction.


The Keurig K10 vs K15 debate should be finally over! If we REALLY had to choose, we would simply go with the K15. It is safe to say that you cannot go wrong when you choose Keurig.

When choosing between two models like the K10 and the K15, you have nothing to lose. They are both excellent coffee making machines which can ensure that you get nothing but the best. If you want to get the basic features and you don’t like overpaying, the K10 should work fine for you. On the other hand, if you feel like investing in better flexibility and more features, the K15 is there to be at your service. All in all, both of these coffee brewers are excellent investments. This is because they come from a reputable manufacturer and they are guaranteed to be reliable and durable.

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