Jura E6 VS E8

The coffee maker market is fairly broad these days. If you don’t know what you are looking for and don’t do the proper research, you are putting yourself at the risk of getting a bad machine. However, there are coffee brewer manufacturers who have a tradition of delivering good quality machines for a long period of time. One of those coffee maker giants is Jura. They have been on the market for years and have established a rather remarkable reputation. Their products are durable, affordable and most importantly, they promise a high quality beverage in each and every cup.

In this review, we’ve got an interesting matchup for you. Namely, the following models are both amazing and equally good, so we’re going to try and compare them in our following text. We are talking about the Jura E8 and the Jura E6 models. Sounds interesting huh? Are you Team E6 or Team E8? Stay tuned and find out more about them in this comparison. Also, if you’d like to read a separate review of the Jura E8 brewer, check this one out.

Things to have in mind about the Jura E8 and Jura E6

If you get a Jura coffee maker, you are likely to pay a reasonable amount of money for it. But don’t let the price distract you from what is really important. These are one of the best automatic coffee makers in the world, and of all time. After all, they’re designed with innovation in mind, and produce the best coffee you can possibly fanthom. Just like all Jura coffee brewers, these two also have amazing functions and advanced features. With a Jura coffee machine, you will never get anything less than a tasty cup of coffee without any effort from your side. You just press a button and you get a fresh, awakening coffee.

However, choosing the wrong option which isn’t for your needs might not always make you a satisfied customer. In the following text, we are going to talk about the general Jura E6 vs E8 debate. So, here is what you should know about these two bean to cup coffee maker models. If you would rather skip the whole text, take a look at this comparison chart. The winner is the E8, but the fight was close!

Comparison Table

 Jura E6Jura E8
Water Tank (Litres)1.91.9
Bean Hopper (grams)200280
Fine Auto Frother - only frothed milk
One Touch CappuccinoSemi
Programmable Functions5+3/4+24+2
Customer Reviews
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Similarities between Jura E6 vs E8

If we take into consideration that both of these amazing coffee machines come from the same trusted brand, we shouldn’t be surprised that they have a lot of things in common. For instance, there are numerous shared features in terms of drinks options, design, materials used and etc. More importantly, they come from the same line – the E line.

As a first and most important shared feature, we noticed was the PEP technology. Both the Jura E6 and the Jura E8 have the same Pulse Extraction Process tech, which basically makes these machines amazing. Having this feature means that the hot water is literally forced through the coffee grounds. However, it is done in shorter intervals, which in the end, optimizes and improves the extraction time. So, what you get is a coffee from fully expanded grounds and with a fully developed flavor.

Design-wise, both E-line models have some similarities too. For instance, it is very noticeable that the whole build of the brewer is sleek and modern. Additionally, it is constructed in a way which offers best user-friendliness. Both models are very easy to use, and they are suitable for the beginners and novices too.

Performance-wise, it is noticeable that both of these brewers share the somewhat small water tank. So, this makes these brewers perfect for personal and home use. However, they can be also used in small offices without too much crowd.

Lastly, we should mention the Jura Smart Connect tech. Both of these brewers have it and it means that you can control your brewer by using a tablet or a smartphone. You can wirelessly operate the brewer because they are compatible with devices using a Bluetooth connection.

Differences between the Jura E6 and Jura E8

1. Programmed drinks

It is notable that with the Jura E6 machine you get 7 distinctly programmable specialties. These include hot water, milk foam, cappuccino, coffee, espresso, Frappuccino, and latte macchiato. All are very easy to get and perfect for all types of coffee-lovers.

On the other hand, the Jura E8 has more options. For instance, this one has the one we already mentioned but includes an additional 4 options. These are milk, flat white, latte, Ristretto. Additionally, it has 8 pre-set levels of coffee strength and 6 levels of aroma options.

2. Grinder settings

Although at first sight, it seems like they have the exactly same grinder and the levels of coffee strength, there is something we found interesting here. Namely, the Jura E6 does not include an integrated bypass for the pre-ground process. So, with the Jura E6, you will need an additional built-in grinder for this process.

Compared to this, the Jura E8 has a perfectly usable option for the pre-ground process.

3. Cappuccino system

The Jura E8 has an upper hand on this field because it has a single-touch cappuccino system. This one lets the user get dispensed coffee and froth milk and they get it in a separate spout.

On the other hand, the Jura E6 offers a built-in milk and coffee spouts in the same place. Basically, it doesn’t have a different and separated system for cappuccino. For some people, this can be a problem because not all of us like adding milk in their coffee.

4. Water tank capacity

We mentioned this in the similarities paragraph because it really is a very small difference. Namely, the Jura E6 has a slightly smaller water reservoir compared to the Jura E8. Namely, the water tank of the Jura E8 is 64 ounces while the Jura E6 has a 63-ounce water tank.

Also, the bean hopper has a small difference too. The Jura E8 one has a capacity of 10 ounces while the Jura E6 has a 9.9 ounce capacity. So, although this is a small difference, it is still worth mentioning.


In conclusion, we have to note that both of these machines have amazing performance – after all, they do come from the Jura E-line. However, the Jura E6 is somewhat simpler to use and more budget-friendly. On the other hand, the Jura E8 is the better choice for you if you want to get more options and slightly better features.

All in all, you can expect nothing less than perfection with either of these coffee brewers.


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