The Best Jura Coffee Machines for 2021


Jura has been around for quite some time and has established its worth in the market by introducing high-quality products. But how reliable are these machines?

There are different types of coffee and espresso machines available on the market, some of them are fully automatic while others are semi-automatic and manual as well. And not to forget about the variety of other features such as ranging brewing capacities, inbuilt grinders, various controls, and gauges associated with pressure and temperature.

If you are interested in buying one of the Jura coffee or espresso machines and want to find out more about them before you seal the deal, we have got you covered.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about these high-quality machines. We have developed a list of the top 15 best Jura coffee and espresso machines.

Let’s read the reviews to find out what each of them has to offer.

Fully Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine: Worthy or Not?

Semi-automatic machines are slightly different from fully automatic machines. These machines allow you to have a little control over your final cup as you can alter the temperature and pressure gauges according to your requirements and preferences.

This feature is not there when we talk about fully automatic machines. These machines don’t give you any chance to alter or change any attributes associated with your final cup. You have to deal with preset programs to make a range of different coffees. These machines have that set-it-and-forget-it style of coffee making.

If you don’t want to get involved in too many details, a fully automatic machine will work very well for you. Just push the button and the machine will have your favorite coffee ready in no time.

Who should buy a fully automatic coffee and espresso machine?

Some people like to be in full control of their final cup. They also like to experiment with their coffee and try out different techniques to make a variety of coffees that suits their needs. If you are one such person, you must go for a semi-automatic machine.

You can alter the volumetric dodge of the coffee content in each of the shots and change the pressure and temperature of your cups.

However, if you don’t want to experiment a lot with your cup and just want a good tasting coffee, then you need to go for fully automatic machines. You can prepare a range of different coffee recipes and don’t need to master it.

Jura Comparison Chart

Jura Machines TasteBrewing CapacityMaterialsCleaningFrothingGrinder Capacity
A1Rich, aromatic & creamy4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz)Stainless steel, aluminum alloy & hard plasticInbuilt maintenance cyclesAirier but less creamy4.4 oz
D6Robust & strong8 cups (63.6 fl oz)Hard plastic & stainless steelInbuilt maintenance cyclesMore airy and creamy7 oz
ENA Micro 5Robust & strong4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz)Stainless steel, aluminum & plasticEasy to descale with descaling tabletsNone4.4 oz
ENA Micro 90Creamy, rich & aromatic4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz)Stainless steel, aluminum & plasticPre-programmed descaling and rinsing settings.Thin but creamy4.4 oz
ENA 8Creamy, rich & aromatic4.5 cups (36.8 fl oz)Aluminum, stainless steel & plasticPre-programmed descaling and rinsing settings.Thick and creamy4.4 oz
S8Rich & aromatic8 cups (64 fl oz)Stainless steel, plastic & aluminumInbuilt cleaning cyclesLess airy creamier10 oz
X8Creamy & flavorful21 cups (169 fl oz)Aluminum, stainless steel & plasticEasy to descale with tabletsCreamier1.8 oz
Z8Creamy & flavorful10 cups (80 fl oz)Plastic, stainless steel & aluminumInbuilt cleaning cyclesAirier and creamier10 oz
Z6Rich & aromatic10 cups (80 fl oz)Aluminum, steel & plasticPre-programmed cleaning and descaling cyclesAirier and creamier10 oz
WE8Creamy, rich & aromatic12.5 cups (101 fl oz)Plastic with aluminum accentsIntegrated cleaning programsAirier and fine17.7 oz
Giga WE3Rich aroma with saturated flavor21 cups (169 fl oz)Aluminum & stainless steelPre-programmed cleaning systemsCreamier48 oz
Giga 6Creamy & toothsome21 cups (169 fl oz)Aluminum with plastic accentsIntegrated cleaning programsThick and creamy35.3 oz
Giga X7Aromatic flavor with a highly saturated taste21 cups (169 fl oz)Stainless steel & aluminumPre-programmed cleaning cyclesPerfect for latte art22.9 oz
E6Rich, aromatic & creamy8 cups (64 fl oz)Hard plastic & stainless steelInbuilt maintenance cyclesLess airy and creamier10 oz
E8Fragrant & saturated flavor8 cups (64 fl oz)Aluminum & stainless steelInbuilt cleaning cyclesNice and creamy frothing10 oz

The Best Jura Machines of 2021

#1: Jura A1 – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Pulse Extraction
  • Compact construction
  • Manually adjustable grinder blades

Read our full Jura A1 here

The best Jura coffee machine that money can buy is Jura A1. Most automatic coffee machines come with a huge footprint and are heavy too but A1has a compact design. Although this machine has a small footprint, it’s pretty heavy to lift. So you need to place it where you don’t have to move it frequently.

A conical burr grinder can preserve flavors from your coffee beans and take them to your cup. The machine has a highly intuitive touchscreen, yet it is straightforward to use. The pulse extraction process ensures that the coffee is extracted evenly and the flavor remains well saturated.

This coffee machine is easy to program and its maintenance is trouble-free. There are inbuilt cleaning cycles that will alert you when your machine requires descaling. It has a decent water reservoir and bean hopper capacity as well. If you are an avid coffee drinker, this machine is the right choice. However, if you are looking to cater to your office requirements then you need to look somewhere else.

You can always use the inbuilt cleaning cycles with Jura descaling tablets to ensure the cleanliness of Jura A1 from any impurities to produce that finest taste.


  • Energy-saving features.
  • Manually adjustable blades of the burr grinder.
  • Compact design.
  • Doesn’t make much noise.
  • Delivers cafe-quality coffee in no time.


  • Small capacity.
  • No milk frother.
  • Pretty heavy.

#2: Jura D6 – Best for affordability

Key Features

  • Smart connectivity features.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Quick heating boiler.

Read our full Jura D6 here

Love to have different cups of coffee each time you turn your coffee machine on…! You certainly need D6 by Jura. This machine can produce high-quality Americano, cappuccino, and espresso with just the push of a button. You won’t have to deal with any intricate details associated with these different cups.

The D6 is also one of the simplest coffee machines that you will find on the market. You just have to deal with a couple of control knobs to set your desired coffee recipe. And everything will be ready for you in no time.

Using its smart features, you can operate it with your smartphone application as well. You don’t need to be around the machine to run it. Talk about having your cup of coffee ready when you come home from the office or grocery.

This machine also features a smart filtration system that pairs very well with the pulse extraction.

D6 is great when it comes to producing that divine taste you expect from a coffee shop. The variety of drinks that you have access to, is great and you won’t need to visit your local coffee shop because the D6 will meet all your coffee demands.

The coffee machine has a compact footprint and you won’t have to make much space on your kitchen counter or cabinet to place it. But due to the inbuilt grinder and bean hopper, you will still need to make some room over its top.


  • Pulse extraction.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Smart connectivity.
  • Durable inbuilt grinder.
  • Effortless to program and use.


  • Doesn’t come with a bypass doser.
  • Milk frothing can be more on the foamy side.

#3: Jura ENA Micro 5 – Best for compact design

Key Features

  • Extremely compact footprint.
  • Simple to use.
  • Great tasting espresso.

Read our full Jura ENA Micro 5 here

If you are a huge fan of espresso then you will love owning the ENA Micro 5. It is perhaps the best one from Jura models to create some sensational tasting espresso.

You might be surprised to hear; at this price range the Micro 5 doesn’t come with a milk frother…! But the espresso it can produce is sensational and heavenly. Apart from that, this machine has a compact design. So, if space is your concern; you need to consider buying the ENA Micro 5.

This machine comes with a rotatable coffee dispenser. You won’t have to push any buttons to choose between single or double shots. It’s just the matter of rotating the dispenser to go from single to double shot. Due to its compact size, this machine is also one of the lightest on this list.

When we talk about the programmability of this machine, it is pretty simple to operate. The only thing that you have to worry about is the use of oily coffee beans. Don’t use oily beans otherwise you will have to replace the water filters more frequently.

Since this coffee machine doesn’t come with any milk frothing features, so you’ll be missing some latte art.


  • Effortless to use and clean.
  • Great tasting espresso.
  • Rotating coffee dispenser to choose the shots.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • 15-bar vibrating pump.


  • No milk frothing.
  • Not many coffee options.

#4: Jura ENA Micro 90 – Best for one-touch brewing

Key Features

  • Compact espresso.
  • Single touch brewing.
  • Energy-efficient.

Read our full Jura ENA Micro 90 here

Jura has kept going with its most popular footprints with the ENA Micro 90. The company has restyled the Micro 9 with a few contemporary upgrades. But looks are not the only thing you are paying for here. This machine has also got some serious upgrades under the hood.

The Aroma G3 grinder not only comes with adjustable blades but can also preserve the flavor of the coffee beans. Some grinders lose the flavor of the coffee with each grind. It will result in a dull flavored final cup. But this is not the case if you’re using the Micro 90.

The pulse extraction feature ensures an evenly saturated coffee shot. Your cup will have a well-blended flavor. This machine also comes with a better shot pulling feature coupled with the milk siphon system. It is convenient to clean and is great for numerous milk-based coffees.

Additionally, this coffee machine comes with Clearyl filters that get rid of any impurities from your water and you won’t have to diesel your coffee machine ever again. This is a huge benefit that all coffee machine users would love to cherish. The machine is energy efficient as well so you can keep track of your utility bills while enjoying a great-tasting cup of coffee.


  • Single touch brewing facility.
  • Small in size.
  • Pulse extraction feature.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Easy milk-steaming feature.
  • Great for small apartment dwellers.


  • Can’t place it under a cabinet due to its top-mounted screen.
  • The brewing system is suitable for smaller coffee doses.

#5: Jura ENA 8 – Best for a combo of IWS and Bypass Doser

Key Features

  • 10 different drink options.
  • Pulse extraction feature.
  • Bypass doser.

Read our full Jura ENA 8 here

The ENA 8 comes with a small-ish footprint that will be suitable for you to place the machine in any cabinet inside your kitchen. So, if space is your concern, there are better options available then the ENA 8.

Due to its single-touch operation, you just need to push a button to get different types of coffees. You have ample options to choose from 10 different kinds of coffees. The pulse extraction system ensures you get the deep and rich flavor in each of your shots with consistency.

Another important feature is, “IWS” which is the intelligent water filtration system that works very well with the Clearyl filters to ensure your machine doesn’t have to be descaled at all. With this system, the machine will tell you when it’s time to change the filter.

When you want to brew decaf or try something new, a bypass doser will become handy. You can always use pre-ground coffee on the fly without any issues. So, there is plenty of variety you are getting in this compact design coffee machine.


  • Compact construction.
  • High-quality coffee.
  • Bypass doser to use ground coffee during the brewing process.
  • Various drinking options.
  • Clearyl filters ensure no descaling is needed.


  • Requires frequent refill due to small water reservoirs.

#6: Jura S8 – Best for adjustable milk texture

Key Features

  • User-friendly.
  • 15 different programmable drinking options.
  • Elegant.

Read our full Jura S8 here

Jura S8 is easy to use with a user-friendly touchscreen display. Every control adjusts the push of a button away. You can conveniently program your drinks according to your preferences and requirements.

One of the top features of this machine is to handle different milk textures. You can conveniently make adjustments to the frothing ranging from silky smooth latte to foamy cappuccino in one go.

The built-in Clearyl filter will alert you when to change the filters. It will ensure not to descale your coffee maker at all.

Automation in this machine is at its best. You can use 15 different coffee recipes and each of them will allow you to choose different textures and tasting milk. That is why the milk frother present on this machine is ideal by Jura.

With this milk adjustability, you can easily make different recipes of coffee without any issue. No matter what type of latte you are looking for, the Jura S8 will get it for you in no time.

Besides, this machine comes with pulse extraction along with Jura’s signature Aroma G3 grinder. The coffee maker provides you with the finest blend of water, milk, and coffee beans.


  • PEP and Aroma G3 grinder.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Single touch latte.
  • Large touchscreen.
  • Adjustable milk frothing.
  • Convenient water filtration features.


  • Screen UI requires some adjustments.
  • TUV certified spouts are not great for first-time users.

#7: Jura X8 – Best for smart features

Key Features

  • Smart connectivity features.
  • Two different coffees simultaneously.
  • Barista quality taste.

Read our full Jura X8 here

Have you been spending too much time at your local cafe to enjoy your favorite coffee drinks?

It’s time for a revolution, especially, if you are looking to serve your buddies and loved ones. Jura X8 will allow you to make those cups that come by the hands of professional baristas.

The X8 comes with smart connectivity features and you can conveniently connect your smartphone or tablet with it. Hence, you don’t even have to be around the machine to use its specifications.

You can customize your drinks and create a library of your favorite recipes. You don’t even have to remember any of these recipes. Just log in to the app and tell the machine to recreate the recipe of the day.

With its milk frothing feature, you can have two different milk options for your single coffee drink. If you prefer to go with a range of different coffee recipes, it will be a huge deal for you. Therefore, having a milk frother can manage two different varieties of milk at the same time and you can cherish the feel of the finest brew.

The highly intuitive TFT touchscreen handles the operations subtly. The water tank reservoir of this machine has a 5-liter capacity. It can conveniently make up to 80 cups of coffee easily. The Clearyl filter protects your machine from frequent descaling.


  • High brewing capacity.
  • Intuitive touchscreen.
  • Customizable milk frothing features.
  • Smart connectivity is there.


  • Not for individual use.

#8: Jura Z8 – Best for user-friendliness

Key Features

  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Consistent in flavor.
  • Bluetooth connected.

Read our full Jura Z8 here

Not having to descale your coffee machine is a sigh of relief for people who find it difficult and technical. Though descaling your Jura machine is not a problem at all but if you use Clearyl filters, your life will be easier. Just change the filters as the machine tells you and everything will be fine.

But easy cleaning and maintenance is not the only thing this coffee machine has to offer. It also has a user-friendly touch display. You don’t have to be a professional to use all the features of this machine.

Just press the button and the machine will prepare the cup of coffee according to your requirements. It connects with its mobile application. With this app, you can save multiple recipes and create a whole library conveniently.

The pulse extraction feature is there along with the Aroma G3 grinder. It means that you can alter the taste of each of your cups without any trouble. The only thing that matters is the high-quality coffee beans. With the Aroma G3 grinder, you can always alter the coarseness of the grounds that are required for different coffee recipes.


  • High intuitive display and controls.
  • Easy save and alter your coffee recipes.
  • High-speed smart connectivity.
  • Fine foaming technology.
  • Can change coffee strength and brew temperature.


  • Heavy unit with a large footprint.
  • Requires additional accessories.

#9: Jura Z6 – Best for beverage variety

Key Features

  • Altering milk foaming.
  • Good water reservoir and bean hopper capacity.
  • Looks elegant.

Read our full Jura Z6 here

If you are looking for a machine that delivers a power-packed performance then there is no better option than the Z6 by Jura. When it comes to evenly saturated coffee extraction, the Z6 served the purpose of using its pulse extraction feature. You can conveniently strengthen the flavor and richness of your cups with these features.

It also comes with a high brewing capacity that can conveniently serve small crowns of coffee lovers. If you are frequently joined by coffee aficionados, you need to impress them with your barista skills by using this coffee machine. You can choose from 15 different coffee recipes and each of these recipes is perfect in every sense.

This machine can achieve superb milk-steaming that not only looks creamy but thick as well. There is a temperature scale for milk steaming. Hence, you can add froth at different temperatures which is great for different coffee recipes.

Therefore, if you are looking for some latte art, this machine won’t disappoint you at all. You can conveniently connect it with your smartphone and run its operations as per your requirement.

You don’t have to descale it if you are using Clearyl filters. The machine can tell you when to change these filters and your machine will continue working as if it is new.


  • Adjustable milk frothing.
  • Adjustable grinder blades.
  • Easy to choose between different coffee recipes.
  • Modern and stylish.
  • Large brewing capacity.


  • No milk carafe.
  • Not for people who like stronger coffees.

#10: Jura WE8 – Best for coffee customization

Key Features

  • Has all the features from Giga and Z Series.
  • Not overly expensive.
  • 12 different coffee recipes.

Read our full Jura WE8 here

Indubitably, the Z Series and Giga series are the high-end coffee machines by Jura. But what if you don’t have to pay excessive money and still get the same features…!!! The WE8 is the brand’s top of the line products.

There are 12 different coffee recipes this machine can conveniently make. You only need to press a button to make a choice. The quality of the final cup is close to what you will get in a cafe from a professional barista. And a lot of credit goes to the Aroma G3 burr grinder.

You can alter the coarseness of the grounds with the adjustable blades of this grinder. You can use different types of coffee grounds for different extraction processes for various coffee recipes. Hence, you need to be precise about coffee grounds and coffee beans.

If you are looking for plenty of customization, this machine is a perfect pick for you. The WE8 will work wonders and provide you with some customizable features. It comes with a quiet grinder, which is indeed the best feature of this machine.


  • 12 different coffee recipes to choose from.
  • Numerous customization features.
  • Smart technology integration.
  • Good capacity for small offices as well.
  • Smaller footprint than the pro coffee machines.


  • Not durable due to plastic casing.
  • Milk spout is distant from the coffee spout.

#11: Jura Giga W3 – Best for the rotary dial and self-cleaning

Key Features

  • Excellent self-cleaning coffee machine.
  • Good to cater to small crowds.
  • Removable bean hopper.

Read our full Jura Giga W3 here

Looking for a coffee machine that can cater to heavy coffee consumption…! Jura Giga W3 is a way to go.

It can conveniently make up to 120 drinks per day. If your home has multiple coffee drinkers, this machine is a good choice. It will also work for waiting rooms and small offices. The machine comes with a 3-pound bean hopper and a water reservoir of five liters. With its outsized drip tray, it can house more cups at a time.

You can conveniently program the machine to automatically turn on and off daily for the entire week. The rotary dial makes navigation easy as the controls become intuitive.

Apart from that, it also features eight different coffee recipes. You just need to access each of them with a single touch. These controls also allow you to go for programmable dose, volume, and temperature.

One of the best features of this machine is its self-cleaning mechanism and with Clearyl filters, you won’t have to descale the machine. There are inbuilt water filters and pre-programmed resigning cycles along with a milk cleaning mode. There is a spout for hot water as well, so you may enjoy black coffee for a change.

You can also remove the bean hopper that will be helpful if you use pre-ground coffee.


  • A plethora of automatic features.
  • Robust in construction.
  • High serving capacity.
  • Removable bean hopper for easy storage.
  • Rotary dials.


  • Not specifically made for commercial use.

#12: Jura Giga 6 – Best for cutting edge features

Key Features

  • Integrated artificial intelligence.
  • Smart connectivity.
  • 28 different coffee recipes.

Read our full Jura Giga 6 here

Want to go for a coffee machine that is a pinnacle in its category and is equipped with the latest technologies…!

The Giga 6 would be the right pick for you. This coffee machine comes with artificial intelligence. It will choose the perfect cup for you based upon your preferences and you just have to enjoy that heavenly coffee with the finest aroma.

The intelligent water system will get rid of any impurities from your water to provide you with the best tasting cup of coffee. It can also automatically switch from milk steaming to milk frothing and can automatically adjust the grinder blades to alter the coarseness of the grounders. It can also preserve energy for you and reduce your utility costs.

However, you will have to set the machine up for the first time because there are so many customizable settings. And setting it up is a bit of a learning curve for several people. But it will happen only for the first time. You won’t have to go through all of these hectic processes again and again. Once you have set the machine up, it will become a single touch operation for you.

There are 28 different recipes, you can not only enjoy these but also create more and save them. Just connect your phone or tablet with your Jura Giga machine and prepare yourself to become a professional barista.


  • Easy to connect with your smartphone.
  • Features AI capabilities.
  • Can automate the entire coffee-making process.
  • Customizable programs.
  • Milk carafe included.
  • Full adjustability options.


  • Extremely heavy.
  • Mastering it will take some time.

#13: Jura Giga X7 – Best commercial-grade coffee machine

Key Features

  • Commercial-grade durability.
  • High-end performance.
  • Double of everything.

Read our full Jura Giga X7 here

By double of everything, we mean that this machine has every feature of the Giga 6 only double in capacity. There are double bean hoppers, double grinders, double boilers, double tank reservoirs, and double coffee dispensers. This machine is truly a commercial grade product that is designed for a professional environment.

It will work great for any small or large office setup as well. So, if there are only a few coffee drinkers around, buying this machine will be a bit too exorbitant.

The Giga X7 can produce two milk drinks and two espressos at the same time. This machine can produce more than 30 recipes for you. It means that you are getting a true workhorse here.

One of the best features of this machine is its ability and agility to self-clean. You can also program it to function automatically for an entire week. From coffee beans to your final cup you only have to program the entire brewing process with just the push of a button.


  • High-end machine.
  • Commercial-grade performance.
  • It can manage more than 30 recipes.
  • Single-touch operation.
  • Everything is doubled with this machine.


  • Extremely heavy
  • Not for domestic use.

#14: Jura E6 – Best for easy brewing

Key Features

  • 6 different coffee specialties.
  • Easy to control.
  • Pulse extraction.

Read our full Jura E6 here

One of the most simple and sleek Jura machines that you can find on the market is, E6. Jura has designed it around the users. It is an ideal choice for home or small office use.

There are some premium quality features that you can access in the machine at a non-so-premium price. You’ll get rich and natural flavors in each cup of your daily coffee dose. Furthermore, it can brew and steam in just the push of a button.

The inbuilt burr grinder is an added quality that can provide you with consistent coursing. It also comes with pulse extraction. You can make your cup of coffee in no time.


  • Contemporary looking design.
  • Fully customizable settings.
  • Fine frothing technology is there as well.
  • Energy-saving mode.


  • Plastic construction.

#15: Jura E8 – Best for a ceramic burr grinder

Key Features

  • Modern look.
  • 12 different coffee recipes.
  • Fine milk frothing

Read our full Jura E8 here

The modern look of this machine makes it quite attractive for a contemporary kitchen. This coffee machine can make outstanding cups of coffee all the time. And you can also enjoy some latte art if you want.

It also features an inbuilt self-rinse system and has a ceramic burr grinder that will maintain the overall quality of the grounds. The machine is effortless to clean and integrates some smart technology features as well. You can also connect it with your smartphone or tablet.


  • Smart features capable.
  • Burr grinder preserves the flavor.
  • Simple to use and clean.
  • Self-rinsing machine.
  • 12 different coffee recipes.


  • Only a single boiler.
  • Not many grinder settings for this price range.

Buying Guide for Buying the Best Automatic Machine

You need to consider different features when it comes to buying a fully automatic coffee machine. Having a close look at these features will be of grave concern as the coffee machines don’t come cheap.


By far, the single most important feature that you need to ponder upon before buying a coffee machine is the taste that it can produce. Different coffee machines produce different flavors. Some are more robust while others are more aromatic. You need to make the choice based on your preferences and liking.

For a more robust taste, you can go for the D6 or ENA Micro 5. If you prefer rich and creamy coffees, you should go for ENA Micro 90 or ENA 8. Any machine of the Giga series will work as well if the budget is not your concern. But overall the A1 is the best option.

Brewing Capacity

This one is a no brainers as you will need to go for machines with higher brewing capacity if you have several coffee drinkers around you. If you are looking for a machine for just 2 or 3 people then you don’t need to go for high brewing capacities.

Anything with up to 21 cups of water reservoir tank can produce a lot of coffee without many refills. In such a scenario the X8 and any of the machines from the Giga series will work.

For normal capacity, you need to choose 8 to 12 cups of brewing capacity and D6, S8, Z8, Z6, WE8, E6, and E8 would be better options. For small brewing capacity, you need to go for the A1 and any of the machines from the ENA series.


Most Jura machines come with different combinations of steel, aluminum, and plastic. With more plastic and aluminum, the machine is lightweight but less durable. With more stainless steel, the machine is heavier but robust as well.

You need to make a choice based on the setup in which you want to use your machine. For instance, you will need a heavy-duty machine for commercial setups, and for that, the Giga series coffee machines will prove to be useful.

If you are looking to use your coffee machine at home or small office setup, you need to choose any machine from the ENA series. Go for the lightweight machines in your home only if you don’t have pets or kids. But with lightweight machine maneuverability becomes an additional option.


Many Jura coffee machines come with self-cleaning features. The ones in the Giga series have these features. However, most of the Jura machines can be cleaned effortlessly. Use Clearyl or Claris filters to ensure your cup of coffee doesn’t have any impurities from the water.

With the use of these filters, you won’t have to descale your Jura machine. Even if you descale, most of the machines come with a feature to run a pre-programmed rising cycle.


Again, for frothing, different machines produce different kinds of frothing. Some of them are creamier while others are airier.

  • For thick and creamy frothing, you can choose any of the Giga series coffee machines.


Another feature that all of the coffee machines by Jura come with, is an inbuilt burr grinder and most of them are with adjustable blades. These burr grinders have different capacities and for high brewing capacity, you need to go for larger machines with bigger grinders.

The 4.4 oz bean hoppers are there in A1, ENA Micro 5, ENA Micro 90, and ENA 8. The D6 has a 7 oz bean hopper while the S8, Z8, Z6, E6, and E8 come with 10 oz bean hoppers.

The Giga X7 comes with 22.9 oz bean hopper while the Giga 6 has a 35.3 oz hopper. The largest of them all is the 48 oz bean hopper of the Giga W3.

FAQS for the Best Jura Coffee and Espresso Machines

How can I achieve the best coffee extraction with my Jura coffee machine?

For the best coffee extraction results, you don’t have to do much when using your Jura coffee machine. Each of these machines come with a PEP or pulse extraction process feature. With this feature, your coffee is extracted evenly and you will get a perfectly saturated flavor and aroma.

Do I need to descale my Jura coffee machine?

No, you don’t have to descale your Jura coffee machine at all. But for this, you will have to use Clearyl or Claris filters to ensure your coffee machine gets rid of any impurities from the water. When there are no impurities in your water, your coffee machine won’t need to be descaled at all.

You must have these filters in place. If you wish to descale your machine, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the manual. Most of these machines come with self-rinsing or pre-programmed cleaning cycles.

Should I go for a specific kind of coffee bean to use with my Jura coffee machines?

If you are looking for espresso, you need to go for dark roast coffee beans. These coffee beans have rich natural oils. Plus, these dark roasted coffee beans are not acidic. For cappuccino and lattes, you can go for medium or light roast coffee beans for better cream and aromatic richness.

Final Words

Jura A1 is the best Jura coffee and espresso machine of 2021 in every aspect. This machine is a top choice for the domestic set up and you can also use it in a small office.

There are enough automated features in it to make your life easy. It can also help you pass the day without many refills, provided you are the only one around or just have a couple of more individuals with you.

Most Jura machines are effortless to clean and maintain while some of them come with smart connectivity. It’s up to you to decide which features you want in your coffee machines and make a decision accordingly.