Delonghi Dedica Review – The best espresso machine for you?

Pros & Cons

  • Barista-style espresso
  • Slim dimensions
  • Variable settings
  • Fast heating time
  • Steam wand produces delicious foam


  • Manual brews set the internal timer with no reset option

There are people who simply know the value of a barista-style espresso and they know how much they value a good cup of coffee. If there is one place in the world where you are guaranteed a professional taste of coffee, you can be sure that any DeLonghi product can replicate the exact taste. Being aware of the fact that coffee is very important to millions of people all around the world, we decided that we will help keep them informed about the trendiest and best coffee making machines and products. In this article, we have written a DeLonghi Dedica review which will keep you up to date with all the facts about this awesome espresso machine.

DeLonghi is a name that is recognized by people from all countries and continents. From Europe to America and Asia, they have all heard about the amazing, Italian-quality coffee that is produced in this wonderful coffee machines. After all, this manufacturer is a reputable brand bringing high-quality and competitive espresso machines to the market year after year.

General information about the DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Brewer

Delonghi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

This machine is the right for you if you value the rich taste that espresso can give you; Especially in the mornings when you simply don’t have the strength to brew your own coffee. The Dedica will prepare you a nice cup of joe to help you get through the day. After all, this machine can fit into anyone’s apartment – large or small. One of the greatest things about this coffee maker is in fact, the thing that it comes in a very compact package. It has slim dimensions yet, a superior performance.

If you know good coffee, you will easily be able to notice that there is a huge difference between coffee brewed in a Dedica coffee brewer and any other type. This brewer uses special technology to extract the taste of the coffee in the most effective and efficient way. In the end, this results in bringing you great coffee for many years to come. We have to mention this because DeLonghi coffee makers are one of the most durable coffee brewers in the world. There are still people who are using their first versions of coffee makers, more than a decade old and they are still working perfectly. So, when you are getting a DeLonghi coffee brewer, think of it as an investment.

Features of the DeLonghi Dedica

The first thing that is immediately noticeable about the Dedica coffee brewer is that it features a 15-bar pump pressure. With this feature, you can rest assured that the device extracts the richness and the proper aroma for your coffee. You will really feel as if you are drinking high-quality coffee for the first time in your life.

Additionally, another great thing about the Dedica is the extremely large water tank. Yes, we are talking about a 1-liter water tank which is amazing, when you compare it to any other coffee maker currently on the market. You probably aren’t aware, but having a small water reservoir can be very irritating. It means that you will need to change and fill it with water after almost every brew. Luckily, the Dedica has a very large tank and this will save you a lot of trouble. If you don’t want to wake up early to bother with such banal things, this is the perfect brewer for you. It has enough water in it to provide espresso for the entire neighborhood. Amazing, right?

As we said before, the Dedica comes in a compact package and it can fit almost anywhere. Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, the Dedica looks and fits perfectly in all types of kitchens. It even weighs only 4.2 kg. You can put it almost everywhere and you won’t feel as if it takes up your space. It looks compact and still, it is very convenient. Considering it uses much more vertical space than horizontal, this machine is designed to leave you plenty of leftover space on the counter. The coffee machine also comes with a cup warmer and a handy heating rack on the top of the machine.

If you want to consider some other choices DeLonghi EC702 and Delonghi EC680 are great choices too.


If we take into consideration that, compared to the customary bar pump machines, Dedica is a great upgrade, we can easily conclude that the Dedica is simply worth the investment. It incorporates everything that is good about such coffee brewers and still, it is very kitchen-friendly. It also has the features it needs to have without complicating things for you as a user. More importantly, it is a coffee brewer that will get you a proper cup of coffee. There is nothing complicated about that and there shouldn’t be. This coffee brewer is amazing because it saves you a lot of time, nerves and energy and it still does the job effectively and efficiently.

The Dedica is one of the most functional coffee brewers you can find on today’s market without it affecting the performance or the durability of the appliance. So, if you don’t want to joke around and get gadgets instead of functional appliances, we strongly suggest you choose the DeLonghi Dedica coffee machine.

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Delonghi Dedica Review - The best espresso machine for you?

Check out the DeLonghi Dedica review to know if it's the right espresso machine for you.

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