Nespresso Evoluo Review

Nespresso Evoluo Review

If you were in a search for a two-in-one espresso and coffee maker that can do it all perfectly, you are in the right place. We have combined a Nespresso Evoluo review to tell you everything there is to know about this awesome coffee machine. There are a lot of coffee gurus throughout the world who simply love a rich tasting coffee that will make your day a lot better. So, this is exactly why we’ve done the research for you. In our Nespresso Evoluo review, you will find all the information you can possibly need about this coffee brewer. This is exactly how we will help you make the decision if this coffee brewer is the right one for you and if you should make an investment in it.

Why choose Nespresso

Nespresso is the company for you if you like to get the best possible coffee made uniquely for your own taste. This company exists for many decades now and they simply know their customers. Additionally, Nespresso is always very good with their customers. They examine and analyze the needs of coffee lovers and coffee machine users. This way, they provide with excellent strategies on how to keep all of their customers happy without sky-rocketing their prices. So, it is safe to say that as a manufacturer and a brand, Nespresso is a wise choice for people of different ages and different backgrounds who have one thing in common – they know how to appreciate a good cup of coffee.

General information about the Nespresso Evoluo

The machine that we are going to talk about in this review is one of Nespresso’s most famous. Of course, the reasons behind this fame are only good. Namely, this machine was a groundbreaking discovery when it initially arrived because it brought something others rarely could. It brought great taste of coffee with a rich smell and it came at a very reasonable price.

An additional surprise for the customers were the high-quality materials used in the machine. After all, all of these meant a high-quality and high-end coffee brewer and still, they weren’t overwhelming on anyone’s budget. If there is one thing that can easily be noticed from the first time of using the Nespresso Evoluo is its user friendliness. This is the type of machine that is simply made to be convenient to all – regardless of their age or coffee drinking and making experience.

This is even noticeable from the first moment of unboxing it. All you need to do in order to get a fresh cup of coffee is to plug the appliance in. After this, you just put some water in the reservoir. After this, you are good to go and you will have your nicely-tasting cup of coffee. This is true, regardless of how you like your coffee. This is also the exact same moment you will realize why this coffee machine stands out of the ordinary ones. It has a lot of features and benefits to bring to any coffee lover.

Nespresso Evoluo Features

Some of the best things about having this coffee brewer are its features. The Evoluo has a foolproof interface which is very easy to use and very intuitive. It is also very fast. We also have to mention that The Evoluo can make a cup of coffee or espresso in less than a minute and a half. So, this means that if you need to make a cappuccino with a different milk frother it will take you less than 3 minutes. Amazing, right?

It also features the Centrifusion technology which is recognizable for a lot of Nespresso products. This technology extracts the richest and unique taste of the coffee.

An additional amazing feature from this coffee brewer is the one-touch brewing system which is incredibly simple. The capsule gets automatically ejected from the brewer after the process is done. You can even adjust the cup to the different positions on the cup support. Just like other Nespresso machines, this one also features two cup sizes. Namely, it can serve a 7.7 fl. Oz. of coffee or 1,35 fl. Oz. of Espresso because there are two different cup capsule sizes. Regardless of how you use it, the guaranteed thing, in the end, is the finest roast ground coffee smell and taste. This will surely make your day better.

Lastly, the machine features an automatic blend feature. The Nespresso Evoluo can read the barcode. It can also adjust the brewing process according to the barcode of the capsule you’ve put in it.

These are just some of the reasons and ways of why and how this coffee maker will make your life a lot simple, a lot better and your mornings a lot easier.



Gaggia Brera Review

Gaggia Brera Review

You have probably heard of the Gaggia Brera in the past few years. This is one of the cool appliances that a lot of people wish they had at home, but somehow can’t make up their minds. However, this original coffee brewer comes from a well-known brand to real coffee connoisseurs. In order to help you make up your mind and make a right decision, we wrote a Gaggia Brera review with all the important data about this amazing coffee brewer. Keep on reading to find out why this coffee machine might be the perfect fit for your kitchen and for your needs.

General information about Gaggia Brera

As what something would call a quirky appliance, this coffee machine is a beast in a very compact package. For example, you would be surprised that asides from the attractive and stylish stainless steel front panel, the Gaggia Brera has a lot of things to offer to the regular coffee drinkers. Namely, this extraordinary coffee machine features options for easy coffee customization and it even has a ceramic burr grinder.

No, don’t worry, it doesn’t cost too much. This appliance is a very smart investment because without being too pricey, it is still an excellent worth for its money. If there is a single thing that is sure, it is that you won’t regret paying for it because you will use it for years to come.

Features of Gaggia Brera

The amazing coffee brewer called Gaggia Brera has a lot of aces in its pocket and it changes the coffee game through various features. As we said, this stylish coffee brewer features options for customization of the coffee. With it you can choose the water quality, the strength of your coffee and even the grinding coarseness. As we also said, it has a built-in ceramic burr grinder. Having this grinder for you as a drinker means that more of the aroma will be retained. It also means that you will enjoy drinking coffee that smells and looks fresh.

The Gaggia Brera is also very energy-efficient. It features a standby mode which is activated automatically. On the long run, this coffee machine consumes less than 1W per hour. So, it is safe to conclude that investing in a Gaggia Brera over other coffee making machines will save you money on electric bills in the long run.

Another amazing feature that is found in the Gaggia Brera is the options for making coffee. You can do it from ground coffee or even beans. For a coffee lover, this would mean that you won’t have to put away your needs for your coffee machine. With the Gaggia Brera, you have it all. This machine can make coffee out of anything you give it. This way, regardless of how picky or distinguished your taste for coffee is, you will be sure that this coffee maker can live up to your personal standards. More importantly, you will never have to make compromises for coffee again. The Brera even has an option for double shot coffee which saves you a lot of time.

Design of the Gaggia Brera

So far, we are convinced that the performance found in the Gaggia Brera is unique and one-of-a-kind. However, we understand that there are people who are interested in how a coffee machine looks. Especially about what their outside is made of. This is exactly why we need to talk about this subject as well.

The first thing that is easily noticeable about the Gaggia Brera is that it has a cool water compartment. It can be easily accessed and it doesn’t make a fuss or a mess when you change the water.

Design-wise, the Gaggia Brera features a stainless steel front panel. This is exactly why a lot of users can easily find it to be very appealing and attractive. Even the front panel is very intuitive. It can be used by anyone without professional coffee making knowledge or experience. Asides from looking cool, it also feels cool controlling this brewer.

So, if your kitchen has a touch of modernism or professionalism, you can rest assured that the Gaggia Brera will easily fit in there. Still, remember that it isn’t completely made from stainless steel. The sides are made from plastic as well as the control knob. Still, this doesn’t mean a lot for the machine’s durability. It is still made from high quality materials which ensure the longevity of this brewer.


Both from the inside and from the outside, the Gaggia Brera is an excellent long-term investment. Being here for more years, the reliability and performance are guaranteed. They come from the happy users of this amazing coffee machine.


Gaggia Accademia Review

Gaggia Accademia Review

The coffee machine market today is almost overwhelmed with different types of coffee makers which can surely confuse you. So, in order to help you, experts like us cherry-pick different brands of coffee brewers and we present to you the most important things that you need to know about the products. However, we make sure that the products we present are of good quality and that they actually have the potential of satisfying your needs as a coffee lover.

For this purpose, we’ve prepared a Gaggia Accademia review. This is the type of a coffee brewer that is simply a must-have. If you take into consideration the needs of an average coffee drinker, you will see that this coffee brewer has a lot to offer.Still, it comes at a reasonable price. By reading our Gaggia Accademia review you prevent yoursel from getting confused by all the mixed messages sent from the marketing teams of the brands and you simply look at the facts. Luckily, the facts about Gaggia Accademia are very straight-forward. This coffee maker has a lot to offer, and we will tell you everything that you must know about it in the following article.

General Information about the Gaggia Accademia

One of the best things about the Gaggia Accademia Machine is that it features seven dedicated drink buttons. Namely, it can be used for making espresso, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and hot water. For you, this means that rich tasting beverages are just moments away. The brewer also has the ability to learn your preferences for your personal customized drinks.

One can even say that this is a café in the comfort of your home, right? It has so many incredible features and they are all made to keep you as a customer happy and all of your needs truly satisfied. It is made from good materials following latest trends. This is how you know that you can expect nothing less than superior quality of the coffee machine.

Features of the Gaggia Accademia

This amazing coffee brewer features a ceramic burr grinder. This integrated grinder has the purpose of delivering freshly ground coffee every time. Additionally, the Accademia has bypass doser. With it, you will know that you can easily brew pre-ground or brew decaf, pre-ground or specially made coffee. More importantly, the bypass dosser and the grinder and combination are there to give you all the flexibility you need. With them, you can serve a number of people who have different preferences for their drinks. So, in short terms, you will be the cool person in your group of friends. You will have different types of coffee – professionally made.

Accademia was well-designed and it obviously turned out to be a dream come true for the true coffee lovers. Of course, this means that it has a detachable carafe on an authentic Milk Management System. Knowing that the Milk Management System is detachable, you should know several other things. The milk never gets to the process of the steaming or frothing. It also never gets to contaminate your coffee brewer making it perfectly safe to use it. More importantly, if you don’t want to use it, you can store the milk carafe anywhere else – like the refrigerator while you aren’t brewing your coffee.

Gaggia Accademia Convenience, Ease of Use and Design

As we said before, one of the best things you get with this amazing coffee maker is the well-designed interface. It is very intuitive, user-friendly and even your friends and guests will be able to use it. Additionally, the Accademia features a very stylish design and it simply steals the show. It has a bright display, and very easy to use control push buttons.

Coming in dimensions of 15x11x16, this coffee brewer can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. It also adds a pinch of modernism and sophistication without looking kitsch or too flashy. So, if you want to drink good coffee and show people that you have a good style, purchasing the Gaggia Accademia will be a smart choice for you. It is surely a sight for sore eyes. It brightens up whole kitchens with the cool touch of elegance and luxury.


With the Accademia you will be able to drink your favorite types of coffee. You can customize them according to your needs. Also, you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest with high-quality coffee. This machine was surely designed to satisfy the needs of the people who simply know what they want.  Just give the command and you will get a tailored cup of coffee according to your own needs.


Delonghi Dedica Review

There are people who simply know the value of a barista-style espresso and they know how much they value a good cup of coffee. If there is one place in the world where you are guaranteed professional taste of coffee it is in the DeLonghi products. Being aware of the fact that coffee is very important to millions of people throughout the world, we decided that we will help keep them informed about the trendiest and best coffee making machines and products. In this article, we have written a DeLonghi Dedica review which will keep you up to date with all the facts about this awesome espresso brewer.

DeLonghi is a name that is recognized by people from all countries and continents. From Europe to America and Asia, they have all heard about the amazing Italian quality coffee that is produced in this wonderful coffee machines. After all, this manufacturer is a reputable brand bringing high quality and competitive coffee machines.

General information about the DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Brewer

This machine is the right for you if you value the rich taste that espresso can give you. Especially in the mornings when you simply don’t have the strength to brew your own coffee. The Dedica will prepare you a nice cup of joe to help you get through the day. After all, this machine can fit into anyone’s apartment – large or small. One of the greatest things about this coffee maker is in fact, the thing that it comes in a very compact package. It has slim dimensions yet, a superior performance.

If you know good coffee you will easily be able to notice that there is a huge difference between other types of coffee and coffee brewed in a Dedica coffee brewer. This brewer uses special technology to extract the taste of the coffee in the most effective and efficient way. In the end, this results in bringing you great coffee for many years to come. We have to mention this because DeLonghi coffee makers are one of the most durable coffee brewers in the world. There are still people who are using their first versions of coffee makers and they are still working perfectly. So, when you are getting a DeLonghi coffee brewer, think of it as an investment.

Features of the DeLonghi Dedica

The first thing that is noticeable about the Dedica coffee brewer is that it features a 15 bar pump pressure. This feature makes sure that the device extracts the richness and the proper aroma for your coffee. You will really feel as if you are dinking high quality coffee for the first time in your life.

Additionally, another great thing about the Dedica is the extremely large water tank. Yes, we are talking about a 1 liter water tank which is amazing on the long run. You probably aren’t aware, but having a small water reservoir can be very irritating. It means that you will need to change and fill it with water after almost every brew. Luckily, the Dedica has a very large tank and this will save you from al ot of trouble. If you don’t want to wake up early to fix such things, this is the perfect brewer for you. It has enough water in it to provide espresso to a whole village. Amazing, right?

As we said before, the Dedica comes in a compact package and it can fit almost anywhere. Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, the Dedica looks perfectly in either types of kitchens. It even weighs only 4.2 kg. You can put it almost everywhere and you won’t feel as if it takes up your space. It looks compact and still, it is very convenient.


If we take into consideration that compared to the customary bar pump machines, Dedica is a great upgrade, we can easily conclude that the Dedica is simply worth the investment. It incorporates everything that is good about such coffee brewers and still, it is very kitchen-friendly. It also has the features it needs to have without complicating things for you as a user. More importantly, it is a coffee brewer that will get you a proper cup of coffee. There is nothing complicated about that and there shouldn’t be. This coffee brewer is amazing because it saves you a lot of time, nerves and energy and it still does the job effectively and efficiently.

The Dedica is one of the most functional coffee brewers you can find on today’s market without it affecting the performance or the durability of the appliance. So, if you don’t want to joke around and get gadgets instead of functional appliances, we strongly suggest you to choose the DeLonghi Dedica coffee machine.

Capresso Infinity Review

Have people been telling you how easier their lives are once they got the proper coffee machine? Do you find yourself tired from looking but not knowing which machine is the proper one for you? We might have the answer for you. We wrote a Capresso Infinity review to help you get informed about all the things you should know about one of the most user friendly yet affordable coffee machines. If you want to get into the coffee brewing type of life, you should definitely consider the Capresso Infinity.

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder is an entry-level coffee maker which is very affordable and friendly for your budget. It really is ideal for home brewers who are just coming into the coffee type of life. Namely, the Infinity can offer a lot of great features considering its price. For example, the first thing you need to realize is that when your day starts with a good cup of coffee, it has greater chances of staying good without other small things ruining it.

This coffee machine is the perfect for you if you prefer ones which are of pour over or a drip coffee making types. So, if you have decided that you want to start your day drinking a good cup of espresso, you’ve come to the right place. With our Capresso Infinity review we will share all of the main things that you need to know about this coffee maker.

General information about the Capresso infinity

The first thing that you need to know about this coffee maker is that although it looks compact, it still has a lot of surprising features for it size. Namely, although the Capresso infinity is what some would call an entry-level espresso maker, it is still a great addition to your kitchen. It has great features and it is made from good materials which makes it perfect from the inside out.

Talking about its outside, we have to mention that this machine although not very famous, still has a good reputation for being very durable. For example, it has steel conical burrs. These are excellent for coffee brewing beginners. With them, the newbies can get to know how to grind without flaws for different methods and types of brews. Additionally, it is very affordable so it even motivates the beginners to take action and learn how to properly brew a good pint of coffee.

Features of the Capresso infinity

Asides from having excellent steel conical burrs, the Capresso infinity has other things to offer. It has a low RPM of the steel burrs to make sure that the beginners don’t burn their beans and destroy the taste. The low amount of rotations per minute is also the reason why the Capresso infinity is incredibly quiet. This makes it also perfect for living in a crowded home or in an apartment building. You won’t bother anyone when you are making your brew and nobody will be mad at you.

Moreover, the Capresso infinity features 16 stepped settings. It even has a timed dial with which you can start the grind. So, all in all, with it learning how to make great coffee at home will be a piece of cake.  It seems that the whole product is completely intuitive and very easy to use. Still, some people have complained that the activational timer is not very intuitive and you will need to do this manually. However, don’t worry, it is very easy and you will be able to learn within no time.

Capresso infinity Convenience

The best thing about the Capresso infinity is the noise it doesn’t make. For a machine so powerful, it definitely is incredibly silent. It is perfect for crowded living and for young students who share their apartments with roommates. However, there are other benefits of using the Capresso infinity over other machines. For example, after using it, there is no anti-static on the container. This is also easing your process of removing the grounds. All you need to do to clean it is a brush and a hand towel. With them, you are good to go.


This simple yet convenient grinder is an exceptional machine for new home brewers. Especially if you are looking to make smooth and rich pour over. There is a great variety on the Capresso Infinity. Namely, it offers you as a user a lot of grind options. With it, you will be able to customize your needs and your consistency. However, remember that this grinder is not an excellent choice if you plan to use it with non-pressurized portafilters.


Rancilio Silvia Review

Do you love espresso but are tired of having to go out to get a quality cup of coffee espresso? What if we can tell you that you can have such high quality espresso in the comfort of your home? Oh yes, the Rancilio Silvia is one of the best coffee makers for that purpose. We wrote a Rancilio Silvia review to help you find out if this coffee maker is the right choice for you because it just might be. Now, you can stop spending time on chains for coffee. Simply get the coffee you want, whenever you want it in the comfort of your home.

Rancilio Silvia is an amazing espresso machine. It brews espresso like it has the skills of a professional high end barista. Imagine how much better your mornings will be if you know that you will drink a high quality cup of joe and that it will be waiting for you, every day. Keep on reading to find out if you and a machine like Rancilio Silvia make a good match.

General information about the Rancilio Silvia coffee maker

A lot of people think that when Rancilio designed Silvia they simply changed the game. This is the type of espresso machine that not anyone has at home. Putting aside the price, you should be a coffee specialist to know the worth of the coffee in the Rancilio Silvia espresso machines. These machines use modern technology for the best taste and aroma extraction of the beans. This is exactly why you shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of people fell in love with the taste of this coffee from the first time they tasted it. It simply is amazing.

The Silvia by Rancilio is a semi-automatic, high-quality and still, an entry-level espresso machine for a lot of people. It can be used in the comfort of any home. Once you buy it, you will notice how it is capable of making wonders as well as how much it maintains the quality over larger amounts of time. This is because Rancilio Silvia is one of the most durable espresso machines in the world. It is made from excellent materials and this is exactly why it maintains both the external quality and the quality of the coffee it provides you.

Design of Rancilio Silvia

The first thing you notice when you look at the Silvia espresso machine is the design of it. This also includes the external quality. Luckily, the build of this coffee maker can tell a lot about the quality of the whole espresso machine. The external casing of the Rancilio Silvia is completely made from brushed stainless steel. Of course, asides from looking very modern, elegant and sophisticated it also has other repercussions. For example, this external casing talks a lot about the durability of the product. Knowing that the machine is protected from the outside also has an effect on its long-term performance and effectiveness.

Luckily, by getting the Rancilio Silvia, you will not need to worry about such issues. This surface is scratch resistant and it can withstand a lot of damage without it being noticeable.

Performance of the Rancilio Silvia

One thing is sure, Rancilio created this brewer to be the best quality from the get-go. Of course, they used internal parts made from steel, copper and other commercial machine parts. However, the most interesting part about this is that all of these parts are very durable. There are reports of people using this machine for years – on a daily basis.  Although you can get it for personal purposes, it is still a professional machine. It is a true classic for many people throughout the world.

Another thing that adds to the quality of the Silvia is the boiler. It is internally heated and made from brass. Also, it has a 12 oz capacity and it powered by a 952 watt unit. The boiler in the Rancilio Silvia is made from stainless steel. It also brews your coffee evenly and without overheating it. Moreover, it also adds to the quality of the final result – the coffee. It can even be used for steaming milk-based beverages too.

Another noticeable thing about the Rancilio Silvia is the three-way solenoid valve. This one takes the extra pressure and moisture after you have taken your cup of coffee. It also keeps the device working properly and adds to its durability.


All in all, the Rancilio Silvia is one of the most high-end and high-performing coffee makers. Especially at this price range. It is an amazing addition to any kitchen. The design is stylish and yet, simplistic which is how it easily fits into any kitchen or bar environment.


Capresso EC100 Review


With so many coffee machines to choose from these days, it is very easy to get confused or get lost in the vast market. The key steps to making the right choice include, knowing what you are looking for and doing the proper research. Once you have these things figured out, you can’t go wrong!

There are many coffee machine manufacturers out there, but not all are good and reliable. One thing you should check first when you plan to buy a coffee machine, is to check the manufacturer. Capresso is a name that is well known and renowned in the world of coffee machine manufacturers. They’ve been around for years and have delivered top quality coffee machines for quite a while now. One particular model that we’re going to talk about today is the Capresso EC100. We’re talking about a compact coffee machine, with different drink choices to satisfy many coffee lovers.

So if this sounds intriguing to you, stay tuned and learn more about the Capresso EC100.

Features and Drink Choices

This lovely model gives you the opportunity to get creative and have fun. With a wider array of coffee drinks than most coffee machines, the Capresso EC100 promises to be a fun and tasty experience. This coffee machine features a two-part frother, which will give you the ability to make cappuccinos and lattes, along with espresso shots. One very cool feature is that this machine comes with a frothing sleeve, which will give you the freedom and creativity to swirl hot steam into your milk, to get that foamy and rich topping for your desired cappuccinos. The frothing sleeve is also removable if you are looking into the possibility of using the hot steam to make lattes.

Just like the professional espresso machines used in cafes or restaurants, the Capresso EC100 uses the same techniques.  We’re talking about using bar pressure, in order to extract the optimal flavor out of the coffee grounds. The Capresso EC100, also gives you the opportunity to use fine ground coffee, or if you’re in a hurry in the morning, you can use the already pre-packed espresso coffee pods. Another cool feature is that you can brew multiple cups of espresso simultaneously, thus saving time. There is also a stainless steel cup-warming tray, found on the top of the machine, which ensures that your coffee will stay warm.

Water Reservoir and Maintenance

On the back of the machine you’ll find the water reservoir. It is clear, making it easier to gauge the water levels. This water reservoir guarantees that you won’t get any taste of metallic, because of the fact that the water will never get a touch of aluminum. This is a great feature, what this means that you’ll always get the best and fullest flavor available in each and every cup.

Furthermore, the water reservoir is also removable. Just like the drip tray, which can be found on the front of the machine. This is very handy, because it makes the machine easier to clean. If you don’t look after and maintain your coffee machine, it will result in poor taste of drinks and maybe even lead to the risk of spreading bacteria.

On the down side, the drip tray and water reservoir are not dishwasher safe. So you’ll have to do some old-fashioned hand-washing to keep hygiene levels high and also the quality of the drinks.

Safety Features and Customer Support

The Capresso EC-100, is equipped with various safety features that are found only on the best espresso machines. Some of these features include the short electrical cord, which makes sure no cables are dangling within children’s reach. Furthermore, the polarized plug ensures that your espresso machine can be plugged only in one way. In addition, the Capresso EC-100 features on and off indication lights, which make it easier to see if the machines is turned off when you want it to.

The good people at Capresso are always there when you need support. They are also available by email if you run into problems. The Capresso EC-100 also comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard when it comes to coffee machines. In addition, there is also the Capresso website. It provides users with PDF file manual along with tasty beverage recipes, such as various types of hot chocolate and teas.


The Capresso EC-100 uses a dual swivel steam wand, which gives you the freedom and creativity you need to make your desired topping for your drinks. The water reservoir doesn’t come in contact with aluminum, ensuring the full taste of coffee. The warm up trays at the top will ensure that you’ll always have your cup of coffee nice and hot. All in all it’s a great machine that will serve you high quality coffee.



Jura E8 Review

Super-automatic coffee machines have the purpose of making espresso, coffee and other milk-based drinks. These can be found in different types, sizes, brands and etc. However, there are a few of them who can actually live up to the demands of the title. For the best choice for a super-automatic espresso machine, we chose the Jura E8. This brewer has some features that might interest you if you really like a good cup of coffee waiting for you each morning. Our Jura E8 review will help you get all your facts straight. Additionally, our in-depth review will help you get to know Jura E8 better. After all, there are a lot of things to be known about this brewer. It is a groundbreaker for coffee quality, value and ease of use all in one package.

If you are intrigued so far, keep on reading our Jura E8 review to explore Jura’s main features and the reasons why you might need this coffee brewer as your next kitchen investment.

Coffee quality and taste from Jura E8

The great thing about Jura E8 is the amazing and authentic pulse extraction process for which they got their fame. The process is known for pushing water through the coffee. It is under pressure and it is done in short intervals. This optimizes the extraction and the flavor and aroma get fully developed in this process. Moreover, even if making espresso is fast, you don’t want it done too fast. Namely, this will have a negative effect on the taste and the aroma of the cup of coffee. With the Jura E8, you will get coffee that will seem as if it was made from a professional barista. From the first cup of Jura E8 coffee you will notice that there is an authentic deep flavor with crema and great temperature.



  • Has a 64-ounce water reservoir
  • Automatic off featur/timer
  • 18-bar pump
  • Grinds up to 15 grams of coffee beans
  • Comes with a ceramic burr grinder



  • There are Cheaper Models Out There
  • Makes some noise when grinding beans

Making Coffee in a Jura E8 Coffee machine

In order to make coffee you need to load some beans on the hopper on the machine. The gasket seal on it is there to keep your beans as fresh as they can be. Behind this lid, you will notice two small doors – these are for loading pre-ground coffee and another one to adjust the grind size. Additionally, this will help you set the espresso or regular coffee type.

Another thing that you will notice from the moment of unboxing the Jura E8 is the grinder. Compared to other coffee makers, this grinder is very quiet and doesn’t make too much noise. Another great feature about it is of course – the dosing. Just like it is the case with other products from Jura, this one too can dose up to 16 grams in one grind cycle. In terms of regular mortals and not baristas, this means that you can have a real double espresso in a single grind. You won’t have to wait a second grind to get a cup of coffee you wish for.

Jura E8 Options

As we said in the beginning, the best thing about the Jura E8 is the fact that it can make a great variety of coffee and other warm drinks. From cappuccinos, to lattes and macchiatos – it has it all. When you get this machine, all you need to do is use the button and touch it, without even moving your cup. The device is very easily programmable. This is why you can get a cup of coffee just the way you intended to get. This coffee brewer is known for using a pick-up tube system for milk. For you, this also means that all you need to do is drop milk straight into it if you don’t feel like getting the additional accessories. You can even adjust the height of the dedicated coffee and milk spouts according to your own personal preferences.

Cleaning Jura E8

It is a well-known fact that whenever a device uses milk, it should be cleaned properly. This proves to be the main reason why a lot of people stay away from such appliances. However, we are glad that the engineers at Jura know how important hygiene is. This is why they made this process very simple. The E8 is very easy to clean and it is done in a very timely manner. You should know that after making a milk-based beverage, the Jura E8 automatically rinses of the frothing device. Of course, if you don’t want this to happen you can manually turn it off. After this, rinse it at any time.

If you are worried about the depth of this cleaning, you can always use the handy container. It comes with the Jura package for the milk system cleaning.


We already said, if you want to get a super-automatic coffee machine with an amazing PEP brewing tech, the Jura E8 is your best choice. You can easily get it and you will find that using it is even easier. Besides, Jura is the manufacturer that knows how to make good coffee and how to keep customers happy.


Jura Ena Micro 1 Review

The coffee machine market is packed full with options and choices nowadays. The only way to make the most out of it and make sure you made the right choice is to know what you want and do your research accordingly. The market is vast and there is a proper choice for everyone. One particular coffee machine manufacturer is always up to the task, when it comes to delivering a high quality cup of coffee. We are talking about Jura of course. They are well known for their quality coffee machines.

Their model, the Jura ENA Micro 1 is just one of their hit coffee machines. This machine is an espresso only machine. Characterized with a compact and sleek design, this lovely machine is capable of making espresso from both beans and ground coffee. However, it does not have a milk frother, so it is unable to make lattes or cappuccinos.

Interested in this espresso machine? Stay tuned and keep on reading to find out more.

Appearance and Design

Usually, bean-to-cup machines are bulky and not very compact. Simply due to the fact that they use a grinder. However, this is not the case with the ENA micro 1. With its dimensions of 23cm x 32.3 cm x 44.5cm, it is probably the most compact one on the market. Making it a perfect choice if you have a small kitchen.

In addition, the design is very sleek and modern, making this model highly appealing. Unlike most of its competition, the ENA micro 1 has all of the controls and buttons on the top panel. Resulting in a stylish and sleek panel, that will add a touch of class to your home.

Jura is well known for making user friendly and easy to use machines. Of course the ENA micro 1 is no exception to that trend. With a simple, yet stylish design, Jura kept things simple with a control panel that has only five buttons. In addition, it contains a thermoblock heating system, which is able to heat water very quick.

The only downside to this compact model is the fact that it can only produce a single cup at a time. So it can become a bit frustrating having to wait for two or more cups.

Jura also added the CLARIS water filter, which ensures the purity of the coffee. This is an excellent feature, which will boost the flavor and the aroma of the coffee.

On the back of the machine is where you’ll find the water tank. Even thought it sounds very inconvenient, it actually isn’t. Simply because the tank can be removed at any time. On the top of the machine is where you’ll find the bean holder and it has a transparent lid.

Key Features

  • Compact bean-to-cup espresso machine
  • Produces espresso from ground coffee or beans
  • Dimensions of 23cm x 32.3 cm x 44.5cm (WxHxD)
  • Touch controls ensuring easy operation
  • Conical burr grinder
  • 2 strength options
  • 3 cup size options
  • 15-bar water pump
  • 1l removable water tank
  • Water filtration to remove chlorine (improving flavor)
  • “Zero-Energy” switch

Coffee Customization

This is yet another cool feature this model has. It is very user friendly and simple, with just a touch of a few buttons. The options offered give you the choice to set the grind level. Allowing the user to control how the beans are ground. In addition you also have the choice of coffee strength and drink size.

Espresso Taste

If we consider the fact that the ENA micro 1 is an espresso-only machine, than you’d probably expect a cup of coffee of the highest quality. That is exactly what you get! Perfect espresso from both ground coffee and beans.

Other Coffee Taste

Since the ENA micro 1 is an espresso-only machine, it is limited in coffee choices. It can’t produce latte or cappuccino, so if you want those types of coffee, you’d need to get additional accessories for milk frothing. However, it is capable of producing black coffee.


One of the greatest things about the ENA micro 1 is the low level of maintenance. This model contains several options for cleaning and descaling, eliminating the pesky task of having to clean it manually.

Value for the money

If you are an espresso lover and want a high quality cup each time, than this is the right choice. In addition, if you are looking for a compact and simple, easy-to-use coffee machine than look no further. The ENA micro 1 is a perfect fit for small kitchens or maybe even mobile homes. So depending on if you found yourself in the above mentioned than this model is definitely worth the money.

Delonghi EC680 Review


Do you sometimes feel like you spend too much on coffee, but feel like you don’t want to cut it out of your life?  For many people coffee is an essential part of the day, whether you use it in the morning to kick start your day, or maybe as a refreshing drink after the morning nap. There is a way to save your money and keep on your tasty habit going. The De’Longhi EC680 espresso maker will help you out!

This lovely machine will make a tasty cup of coffee for you in no time. There are many models out there on the market and price related it’s about in the middle. However you definitely get your money’s worth. You’ll feel the difference in a few months after using it, it’ll basically start to pay for itself. Which brings us back to the conclusion that you’ll save your money and keep your tasty habit.

Design and dimensions of the Delonghi EC680

De’Longhi EC680 espresso maker is a beauty. The sleek and stylish design will be noticeable and appealing on any countertop. This model is available in silver or red. The designers really outdid themselves with this model. The design is impeccable, you’ll never notice from first glance that the model is mostly made from plastic. That necessarily doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, because this model is lightweight, weighing in at 9.3 pounds. It’s dimensions are 15.8 x 6 x 15.0 inches (length, width, height), which means that it won’t take too much room on the counter, leaving you with plenty of space.

Front and back design and how to use it

On the back of the De’Longhi EC680 espresso maker you’ll find the removable container for water. When this container is full it has the capacity to make eight espressos. The design of this machine makes it very easy and simple to use. On the right side of the machine you’ll find the steam spout, with a simple dial, used for froth adjustment.

Like we said, it’s very simple to use, just submerge the spout partially in a cup of milk that should be half-full. Next, select the setting on the steam dial to your desired amount of foam.  It’ll take a bit of getting used to it, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s very easy. Get ready for perfect froth each time you use the De’Longhi EC680. In addition, be careful when you touch the spout after you use it, because it’s too hot to touch. However, you shouldn’t end up with a burn if you just graze it.

On the front of the De’Longhi EC680 espresso maker you’ll find the metal filter holder. Once again, the design is amazing, it actually looks like a professional-grade filter. This model features three filter inserts. These filter inserts help you determine how much coffee grounds you need to add when making a cup of coffee. Simply turn over the filter to see how many it’ll make. Let’s say you want to make a large cappuccino, than you’d need to use a 2-cup filter. The De’Longhi EC680 is capable of making two espressos at the same time. But, because the spouts are pretty close to each other, there isn’t room for two standard coffee cups. Meaning, that you’d need to use espresso cups.

Incredible Drinks in a Minute or Less

When you get an espresso machine, you don’t only expect to save money, you’d want to save some time too! De’Longhi EC680 will not let you down! You’ll get a tasty cup of coffee in less than a minute. Furthermore, many coffee experts agree that the java in this model is something different. Resulting in a delicious cup of coffee every single time.

This machine is very easy to use. Especially when making an espresso. The pre-measured filters, are there to ensure that you’ll select the right amount of coffee grounds in every use. On the other hand making a cappuccino is a little bit difficult, but nothing out of the ordinary. It will take a few tries before you get used to using the steam spout settings. But once you have the hang of it, you’ll master the cappuccino making.

The De’Longhi EC680 will have you feeling like a barista in the comfort of your own home!


Even thought the De’Longhi EC680 is mostly made of plastic, it is surprisingly durable. If you add to this, the fact that espresso making hasn’t changed much over the years, it is safe to say that you won’t be in need of an upgrade of any kind soon. So, if you are a coffee lover yourself and enjoy making a cup of cappuccino for your friends, the De’Longhi EC680 is the choice for you.