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Nespresso has become popular because of the convenience it offers. Most of these machines are compact and of course, you can use them to try out different roasts as well as the blend of coffee.

Creatista Plus is a fully automatic machine and you can try out a range of different tasting coffees with a single unit. But does it deserve all the hype? Let’s find out.

The machine provides you with an option to choose from 8 different beverages. It comes with a decent brewing capacity and a very intuitive TFT screen. It is very easy to clean and boasts a self-purging steam wand. 

But if you are a bold coffee lover who likes to go the traditional way, this is not the right option for you. You don’t have any control over your final cup and if you are a barista, that’s a huge bummer. 

But besides offering you the convenience of using coffee pods and capsules, does this machine have anything else to offer? We’re going to find all in this Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Review 2020.


  • Pretty straightforward to use. 
  • Highly intuitive TFT display.
  • Nespresso capsule system.
  • Not too difficult to clean or descale. 
  • Durable stainless-steel construction.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Different flavor combos are available.


  • Not the best choice for serving small groups.
  • Not the ideal choice for baristas.
Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
  • 15 bar Italian made pump starts with low pressure to bloom coffee grounds, then gradually increases pressure for extraction
  • Extract one or two espresso shots at a time; Manual control of espresso shot volume
  • 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets included for use with freshly ground or pre ground coffee beans
  • Steam wand for steaming and frothing milk, 61 ounce water tank capacity
  • Includes Razor dose trimming tool, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, stainless steel milk container, and water filter and water filter holder

Fully automatic vs. semi-automatic: Which one to choose? 

A semi-automatic machine comes with fully automatic features while others have manual features. Calling out all the baristas here! If you love making coffee and prefer to experiment with your recipes this machine will serve you well. 

Of course, you will need to have years of experience in making your final cup taste divine. But you know what you are doing when working with the pressure and temperature gauges altering the volumetric dosages of coffee in your shots. 

On the contrary, a fully automatic machine entirely focuses on facilitating you with the coffee-making process. You might not have any control over the taste of your final cup, but if you don’t know how to make coffee this machine will be handier. 

You just have to push a few buttons and voila, your coffee is ready. This is a useful feature to have if you are to serve a small group of coffee drinkers. It will also be very helpful in your busy day-to-day life when you just need a sip in your coffee without having to deal with any complications. Taste of course matters and is the top priority of coffee fanatics, but the application and features must be friendly as well. 

Breville Specialty

Breville as a brand has been very successful in the world of coffee machines. The primary reason behind this is Breville has been continuously improving and introducing cutting edge features. Some of them are listed here. 

Dosage control 

With these features, you can conveniently change the coffee and water content in your shots. You can easily choose single or double shots. Choosing this can completely change the taste and flavor of your final cup. You can do it conveniently with just the push of a button with Breville. 


Breville machines are one of the most resilient on the market because the company uses stainless steel in the construction. Some of them are made of commercial-grade steel so they can perform well in the test of time. 

Automatic temperature control 

With the proportional integral derivative feature, each of these Breville machines comes with automatic temperature control which keeps the temperature of your coffee between 195F and 205F. It is the optimal temperature to brew coffee and brings the maximum flavor out of it.

Comparison Chart


Nespresso Creatista

Cafe Roma

Oracle Touch


It all depends upon the pods or capsules that you use but usually, it’s not very rich in taste 

Mild but with a rich crema

Silky-smooth and rich but inconsistent

Brewing capacity

6.5 cups (51 fl oz)

5 cups (40.5 fl oz)

10.5 cups (84.5 fl oz)


Using pods and capsules is simple and the controls are pretty straightforward with a TFT display 

Simple with only a button and a knob to work with

Using touchscreen makes it’s very user-friendly, just as if you are using your smartphone

Design & materials

Lightweight and compact design with stainless steel body

Lightweight and small footprint with stainless steel body

Durable and lightweight stainless-steel construction

Cleaning & maintenance

Pretty straightforward to clean and maintain

Simple cleaning and descaling

Easy to clean and descale


Creamier and less airy

Airier and less creamy

Thick milk frothing suitable for some latte art


Only coffee pods and capsules

No inbuilt grinder

Inbuilt grinder (8-ounce bean hopper)

Additional features

Nespresso pods and capsule system, intuitive TFT display, a 19-bar pump, milk texture, and temperature settings, 

Thermoblock pump, a separate frothing pitcher, a cup warming plate, milk steaming enhancer, and dual walled filtering

Interactive and user-friendly touchscreen, eight different beverage selections, and a quick heating dual boiler system

Value for money

Meets the value

Meets the value

Very expensive

The Breville Nespresso Creatista Review


Creatista Plus is very impressive in terms of different flavors. You just have to choose your favorite drink and push the button for it. You can use different tasting coffees with an array of coffee pods and capsules available on the market. 

But you also have to keep one thing in mind, if you are a huge fan of bold coffees and only prefer drinking coffees that are rich and aromatic, this machine will disappoint you. Nespresso is not known for its rich, aromatic, flavorful coffee. They are known for convenience and the variety they offer in terms of different flavor combinations. If you like donut-shop, or caramel brownie flavors these coffee pods will make your life easier. 

Cafe Roma keeps it simple, and if you like espresso more than anything, this machine is a good choice. But buyer beware! This machine is not known for a strong espresso. On the contrary, the espresso that it produces is mild so you will have to go with quality coffee grounds to make it worthy of it. 

The Oracle Touch is slightly inconsistent in its flavor but you get a rich and aromatic coffee just the way you like. The inconsistencies come if you don’t clean or maintain your machine properly.

Brewing capacity

Breville-Nespresso Brewing
Breville-Nespresso Brewing

When we talk about the brewing capacity of the Creatista Plus, you will see it is better suited for individual use. With a water tank capacity of 6.5 cups, if you are a heavy coffee drinker then it will last a day with just a couple of refills. 

However, if you have a company and they too like to drink coffee as much as you do, it curtains for you. You will be spending more time on refills then enjoying your coffee. So this machine won’t work well in your office no matter how small it is. It might work for 2 or 3 individuals but not more than that.

On the other hand, Cafe Roma is a similar option suitable for individual use because it has cups with an even lower water tank capacity of 5 cups. It is more of a candidate for individual use than the Creatista Plus. 

However, if you’re looking to serve your family, friends, and colleagues alongside you with some delicious tasting coffees, you should go for the Oracle Touch. It comes with a brewing capacity of 10.5 cups and is a suitable option for offices too.


Breville-Nespresso User Friendliness
Breville-Nespresso User Friendliness

Nespresso Creatista Plus features a very easy-to-read TFT touchscreen and coffee making becomes a piece of cake. Even if you don’t have any prior experience in making coffees, this machine will allow you to do so effortlessly. 

The buttons and knobs are all there and easily accessible. And you can choose from eight different coffee flavors that it has to offer. You can also change the milk frothing texture and temperature settings according to your requirements. 

Using the Cafe Roma is simpler than the Creatista Plus. Why? Because it only features an on/off button and a knob for frothing and brewing. You have a frother right in front of the machine and that’s it. There is nothing fancy about it, you just need a cup of coffee, turn the machine on, turn the knob to brew, and turn the knob to froth. Enjoy your cup of joe!

The Oracle Touch is a more complex machine than Creatista Plus and Cafe Roma. But it also features a touch screen to take out all the complexities. Just select your coffee recipe from the list and the machine will prepare it for you.  

Design and materials

The Creatista Plus by Breville features a compact footprint and the machine lightweight to lift around. If you have mall space available in your kitchen this machine would be the ideal choice. All the controls are present right in front and everything is very easy to access. 

It is also made of quality stainless steel so durability is not the question here. If you are looking for a robust machine you are probably not going to find anything better than the Creatista Plus in this price range. 

Cafe Roma is equally durable in terms of construction because the same quality of stainless steel is used. It is the simplest espresso machine to use with only a couple of controls and a small footprint. Therefore, it is a good choice for small kitchens with limited space. 

The Oracle Touch, however, comes with a footprint that is almost double the Creatista Plus and the Cafe Roma. You will need some space on your kitchen counter to place this machine. Due to its large size, it also weighs more as it features solid stainless-steel construction too.

Cleaning and maintenance

Breville understands when it comes to using a coffee machine, cleaning and maintenance are very important. You can get an idea from the instructions manual, the company provides with its coffee machines. 

These manuals have elaborated step-by-step explanations of how you need to clean and maintain your Breville machine. Even if you are new to a coffee machine, these guides will help you a lot, no matter which type of Breville machine you are using. 

Creatista Plus makes its maintenance pretty straightforward. General maintenance and cleaning are not a headache and you can use descaling tablets as well.

Similar is the case with Cafe Roma, you can easily maintain or descale the machine with the help of tablets or following the steps mentioned in the guide. 

Oracle Touch is the latest of the Breville coffee machines that makes your job even simpler. It can self-clean but for more in-depth cleaning, you need to follow the instructions.


Breville-Nespresso Frothing
Breville-Nespresso Frothing

All these three machines come with stainless steel wands and allow you to complete your espresso drink just like you see it in your local cafes. But the wand in the Creatista Plus is far better than the one in Cafe Roma. 

It can produce a creamier and smoother milk frothing as compared to Cafe Roma and your final cup will taste much better, leaving you begging for more. It is especially the case if you are not a huge fan of bold or strong espressos. Why are we saying that…! because coffee pods and capsules are not known for their stronger flavors or richness of coffee.

The Cafe Roma of course, doesn’t use pods or capsules. But being a machine that uses coffee grounds, it still doesn’t make that perfect coffee. So why is it so weak in taste…! because it keeps the froth airy and less creamy. Being an espresso, your final cup is not going to taste that well if you are a true espresso fan. For a better taste, you must use high-quality coffee grounds.

The Oracle touch does a fine job when it comes to frothing. You will find it to be a lot creamier and less airy, making it suitable for latte art. 


Breville-Nespresso Grinding
Breville-Nespresso Grinding

If you don’t want to use a grinder, rather benefit from capsules and pods, nothing is better than the Creatista Plus. You don’t have to use any coffee beans and grind them. Just place the capsule or the pod and the machine will make the coffee for you. 

But if you own a coffee grinder or planning to buy one, Cafe Roma is a great choice because it doesn’t feature an inbuilt grinder. Cafe Roma is known for making mild espresso. Therefore, make sure you go for fine ground coffee that is rich in taste. Always use fresh grounds for this machine to keep the taste intact. 

The Oracle Touch, nevertheless, makes grinding easy as it features an inbuilt grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper. This machine is far superior in taste because it can use freshly ground coffee. And the best part is that you can detach the grinder if you think it’s not useful for you or you have another grinder. 

Additional features

Breville-Nespresso Additional Features
Breville-Nespresso Additional Features

The Creatista Plus has a TFT display that tells you about the current status of the machine. It also features a 19-bar pump for quick and smooth coffee extraction. Different preset settings for milk texture and temperature are just the push of a button away from your access. With a Nespresso system, you can use different varieties of capsules and pods. 

On the other hand, Cafe Roma boasts a thermoblock pump for heating with dual walled filtering for better crema and your purchase will include a variety of add-ons. These include a tamping tool, a frothing pitcher, and a measuring spoon. This also features a froth enhancer and a cup warming tray. 

The Oracle Touch flaunts an intuitive touch screen along with pre-programmed coffee recipes. It also has a dual boiler and a removable grinder with an adjustable blade.  

Value for money

Value for money can vary when we consider all these three machines. Creatista Plus is better for individual use and you get to try different flavors. If you like the idea of using capsules and pods to keep things simple, this machine is the best investment for you. But it’s not going to cut it if you prefer your coffee to be strong in taste and aroma. 

The Cafe Roma is not very different from the Creatista Plus as it also produces milder espresso. If you don’t want to work with different controls and keep your choice simpler, this machine is the best choice for you. But again, if you dislike mild espressos and enjoy latte art you need to look elsewhere. 

With the Oracle Touch, you will get the variety in terms of drinks as it features 8 different preset coffee recipes. But due to inconsistencies in flavor, you have to keep the machine in its top conditions to make it work well. 

All these three machines won’t provide you with any control over your cup. You can’t alter the pressure, temperature gauges, and volumetric dosages per shot. All these machines focus on convenience and the idea of not to deal with any hassle of making a fine tasting up. Just push the buttons and your coffee is ready.

Who should buy the Breville Creatista Plus? 

Buy the Creatista Plus coffee machine only if you prefer to use capsules and pods to make coffee. You enjoy different flavors in your coffee, and Creatista Plus is going to be a huge hit for you. 

If you have limited space in your kitchen this machine is an ideal choice because it is compact and lightweight to move around. It would be an ideal choice if you are the only coffee drinker around and usually, a few people join you on random occasions.

But the entire purpose of this coffee machine is to use coffee pods instead of coffee beans or grinders. If you think that is a huge hassle, it’s better to choose between the Nespresso machine and the Creatista Plus.  

Who shouldn’t buy the Breville Nespresso Creatista?

Baristas are not a huge fan of Nespresso machines. And their reservations are pretty simple. If you can’t control anything in your final cup, then your coffee machine is not worth it. And to a huge extent, they are true because fully automatic machines are not very consistent in their flavors. And in most cases, they only manage to create mild-tasting cups. 

If you are not fond of using pods and capsules, then this machine is not the right option for you. Also, if you don’t like to work with preset recipes then don’t go for the Creatista Plus. And finally, if you have a group of people to serve then don’t buy this machine. 


  • Pretty straightforward to use. 
  • Highly intuitive TFT display.
  • Nespresso capsule system.
  • Not too difficult to clean or descale. 
  • Durable stainless-steel construction.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Different flavor combos are available.


  • Not the best choice for serving small groups.
  • Not the ideal choice for baristas.

FAQs the Breville Creatista Plus

Does the Breville Creatista Plus make fine Lattes?

As far as the traditional lattes are concerned, this machine does a pretty good job. The frother that it features is designed to handle a variety of latte art, and it is a better-suited machine for milk-based coffees. You can later the foam level as well as the temperature of the milk.

Can I make regular coffee with this machine?

Yes, you can make regular coffee with this machine. You just have to press the on/off button, insert the Nespresso coffee pod and you will get your Americano. You can always change the taste of your regular cup by inserting another capsule into the machine.

What’s the maximum milk amount that I can steam with this machine? 

The jug that comes with this machine has two markers on it. One is 8 oz and the other is 4 oz. But adding more milk will result in overflowing due to the milk frothing process. So it’s better to keep it around 4 oz.

The Verdict

The Creatista Plus Nespresso machine by Breville is all about facilitating you in the process of coffee making. You like different combinations of flavors in your cup then this machine is the ideal choice for you. It is very simple to use and cleaning and maintenance are not too difficult either. 

If you have a small space, then this machine will fit right in. and if you are the only one around to drink coffee then you should consider investing in this machine. It will still be handy, even if a couple of people decide to join in.