The Best Breville Coffee Machines for 2021

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Breville is one of the most prestigious brands in the coffee world. It has a huge fan base across the globe and a long list of high-quality coffee and espresso machines. There are different models of coffee machines designed to suit different types of consumers.

Professional Breville machines allow you to make coffee like a barista whereas automatic machines become handy for busy routines. These machines are made of high-quality commercial grade stainless steel and they can certainly stand the test of time.

As these machines are durable, you need to give a lot of thought about choosing the right kind of machine to meet your coffee requirements. Breville has fully automatic as well as semi-automatic range to offer.

Let’s see how both these machines differ from one another.

Fully automatic vs. semi-automatic coffee machine: What’s the difference?

Fully automatic machines have all the functions preset or pre-programmed. You just need to press a button or a knob and the machine will make that particular recipe for you. You can choose from different types of coffee recipes. These machines are built around convenience. You don’t need to have any skills or experience to make coffee with these machines.

On the other hand, a semi-automatic machine gives you some sort of control over your final cup. This machine allows you to alter temperature, pressure, and coffee volume per shot to create a recipe of your own. You can either follow textbook recipes or create entirely new ones. There are no inbuilt functions and you need to have some kind of experience in the art of coffee making.

Semi-automatic machines provide you with manual override features. If you know what you’re doing you can quickly take control and make different recipes. You can only do this if you understand why different temperature and pressure readings are going to influence the shots with varying coffee content. This level of control is not available in a fully automatic machine.

Which Breville Coffee Machine Is For You; A Fully Automatic or A Semi-Automatic?

Both machines have their pros and cons. Fully automatic machines are better suited for non-experienced people as well as those who don’t have time to create or try out new recipes.

Semi-automatic machines are better suited for experienced baristas who know what they’re doing and they want to enjoy their cup and cherish each and everything about it.

Some people just need a good cup of coffee to kick start their day while others derive pleasure from creating their own. If you understand how different controls work and how they affect your final cup then go for a semi-automatic machine.

But if you don’t know or don’t have any experience at it, go for a fully automatic machine.

Comparison Chart

Breville Machines TasteBrewing CapacityMaterialsCleaningFrothingGrinding
Dual Boiler BES920XLSweet, balanced and nuanced10.5 cups (84.5 fl oz)Stainless steel and plasticInbuilt functions for descalingRich and creamy frothing wit steel wandNo grinder
Barista Touch BES880BSSAromatic and flavorful coffee with a hint of inconsistencies8.5 cups (67 fl oz)Stainless steel and plasticBuilt-in descaling functionsThin but creamy frothing with steel wandInbuilt grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper
Oracle BES980XLConsistently rich-tasting coffee10.5 cups (84.5 fl oz)Steel and plasticInbuilt cleaning functionsCreamy and thick frothing with steel wadInbuilt grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper
Oracle Touch BES990BSSUSC Silky smooth and rich in taste with slight inconsistent flavor10.5 cups (84.5 fl oz)Steel and plasticBuilt-in cleaning and descaling functionsThick and creamy with the wandBuilt-in grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper
Bambino Plus BES500BSSSlightly mild but rich and aromatic8.0 cups (64 fl oz)Steel and plasticInbuilt descaling functionsSlightly airy but tasteful and creamyNo grinder
Dual Temp Pro BES810BSSUSCWell balanced taste and aroma7.5 cups (61 fl oz)Stainless steel and plasticBuilt-in cleaning functionsLess airy but lightly thinNo grinder
Cafe Roma ESP8XLMilder tasting coffee but rich in aroma5.0 cups (40 fl oz)Stainless steel and plasticInbuilt cleaning and descaling operationsSlightly airy but rich and creamyInbuilt grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper
Creatista Plus Nespresso BNE800BSSUSCCreamier more flavorful and less bold6.5 cups (50 fl oz)Steel with hints of plasticAutomated descaling processesMore airy and thinner creamNo grinder
Barista Express BES870XLTrue barista-style coffee8.5 cups (67 fl oz)Stainless steel with plastic accentsManual descaling functionsRich creamy frothing with steel wandBuilt-in grinder with an 8 oz bean hopper
Infuser BES840XL/AWell-balanced flavorful coffee7.5 cups (61 fl oz)Steel with plastic accentsInbuilt cleaning and descaling operationCreamy rich frothingInbuilt grinder with an8 oz bean hopper

The Best Breville Coffee and Espresso Machine Reviews of 2021

#1- Dual Boiler BES920XL – Best Overall

Key Features

  • User-friendly display.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Dual steel boilers

Read our full Dual Boiler BES920XL here

This machine comes with a pair of steel boilers as well as a pair of Italian pumps. This machine can extract the maximum flavor from your coffee grounds. If you are looking to make a coffee cup that is very similar to what you get in your local café, this is a perfect pick.

Another exceptional feature of this coffee machine is an overpressure valve that will limit extraction pressure and provide you with more flexible control over your shot. Therefore, you can alter the coffee and water content in each of your shots easily.

That’s not all… this machine also comes with a Breville’s signature PID temperature control that allows you to set thee water temperature and keep it exactly between 195F and 225F for a more saturated flavor. With its display, you can set the temperature precisely and it eliminates any guesswork from the entire process.

You should use cold but filtered water with this machine. Filtered water is mandatory because it will prevent your machine from clogging. The micro-foaming that you can achieve using the steel wand of this machine allows you to enhance the flavor of your espresso trifold. There are separate buttons present on the machine that allow you to choose your shots.


  • Easy shot control.
  • User-friendly LCD.
  • Micro-foamed frothing.
  • Repeatable and accurate extraction.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Rich and full of flavor in the final cup.


  • Not designed for novices of the art of coffee making.

#2- Barista Touch BES880BSS – Best for User-friendliness

Key Features

  • One-touch operation.
  • Fully automatic functionality.
  • Quick heat-up time

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As the name goes, the Breville Barista Touch is designed to keep things simple for you. The machine is equipped with fully automatic features. You don’t need to be an expert to use this machine. There are preset coffee recipes in there and you just need to tap on your favorite recipe and wait. Your coffee machine will provide you with your favorite cup in no time.

For milk features, this machine has an automatic micro-foaming frother wand. You can adjust its temperature if you want and change the frothing’s texture according to your preferences. The quality of the cream that it can produce is phenomenal and similar is the case with the coffee.

But at times you will have to deal with inconsistencies in the final flavor because the machine needs to be descaled. Once you descale it, the machine will start producing the same taste that you crave for. This is a common matter with most fully-automatic machines and it is a kind of a bargain that you will have to do if you are looking to enjoy some convenience of single touch coffee recipes.

As it is a fully-automatic machine it doesn’t need any assistance from you. So your hands are completely free to do anything else. You just have to add coffee beans to the grinder, choose the recipe out of five different options, and leave the rest to the machine. If you love variety, you will love the Brista Touch.


  • ThermoJet heating system.
  • Five different preset recipes.
  • Bean-to-cup handsfree experience.
  • Inbuilt coffee grinder.
  • Quick heat up and temperature maintenance with PID.
  • Micro-foaming with steel wand.


  • Not for professionals or baristas.

#3- Oracle BES980XL – Best for Preset & Customized Settings

Key Features

  • Commercial-grade steel.
  • Single touch Americano.
  • Easy to program.

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The Oracle can automatically grind your coffee beans and select doses and temps required for a particular drink. You have your barista at your home.

The machine comes with programmable milk texturing and the wand can automatically purge itself after each use. This machine comes with a pair of steel boilers and pumps for top-notch coffee extraction. Even a fully automatic machine can prodigy high-quality barista-like coffees for you with just a single touch due to this feature.

If you want to change the taste of your mouth, you can go for Americano as well. You just have to push a single button for that. Apart from that, there are three preset and six programmable settings that you can change according to your preferences and requirements.

With this machine, you can also program the temperature of your shot.

This temperature ranges between 190F and 205F. You can experiment with your recipe if you want and change the taste of your final cup. The Italian pump ensures the extraction remains properly saturated and you don’t have to deal with any bitterness in your cup.


  • 2.5L water tank.
  • Commercial-grade steel body.
  • Automatically carries out all the functions from bean to cup.
  • One-touch Americano features are there too.
  • 6 programmable and 3 preset settings.
  • You can use PID to choose the temperature of your shot.


  • Not too many inbuilt recipes.

#4- Oracle Touch BES990BSSUSC – Best for One-Touch Brewing

Key Features

  • 8 different preset coffee settings.
  • Triple heating system.
  • Over Pressure Valve.

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The Oracle Touch is all about interacting with the touch screen to choose your favorite coffee beverage. It has automation at every stage and you just need to give it instruction using the touch screen. Therefore, it is one of the best coffee machines that you can use if you are booking for on-touch designs.

Whether you are looking to enjoy long black, decaf, or flat white, you can choose your favorite recipe and enjoy a quality cafe-style cup right in the comfort of your home. The conical burr grinder that this machine features can hold up to 22 grams of coffee beans and it can start the grinding process right before the brew as soon as the coffee maker.

The Oracle Touch also features PID temperature control and you get to choose the exact shot temperature based on the recipe. With Over Pressure Valve features, the machine can restrict pressure and ensure proper coffee extraction and it can gently expand the pressure for more even saturation.

The steam pressure inside the steam wand is sufficient to deliver you a cafe-style balanced taste. A separate boiler powers this steam wand. You can change the texture of milk according to the temperature that you prefer. The machine also features a triple heating system, that boasts a dedicated boiler for heat exchange, a separate boiler for espresso as well as the PID.


  • Easy to use the touchscreen.
  • Choose from 8 different coffee recipes.
  • Features an inbuilt coffee grinder.
  • Accurate water temperature with PID.
  • Optimal pressure with an overpressure valve.


  • It doesn’t make regular coffee.

#5- Bambino Plus BES500BSS – Best for Small Spaces

Key Features

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Automatic purging.
  • Low pressure for each infusion.

Read our full Bambino Plus BES500BSS here

The Bambino Plus surely has a compact footprint print but when it comes to automatic micro foaming this machine is right up there to match the powerhouses. The steam wand allows you to alter the milk’s temperature and create a texture according to your preference. With a microfoam that matches the quality produced by a barista, you can surely enjoy tasting your milk-based coffees a lot.

But you might notice that this machine is better suited to create milk-based coffee beverages. It means that if you are looking to try out something bolder with it, the machine might not meet your expectations. But for milder coffees, the Bambino Plus is a good choice.

With its faster heat-up system, the machine only takes about 3 seconds to get ready and start preparing your coffee. It uses 19 grams of coffee to provide you with that best-tasting coffee. With its 54mm portafilter, 19 grams of coffee is suitable for best flavor extraction.

Additionally, this machine uses its low-pressure pre-infuser while extraction to reduce the pressure initially and starts increasing it slowly for proper extraction of an authentic taste. The remaining of the flavor can be extracted from temperature changes using the PID feature and the wand can purge itself automatically right after each use.


  • Made of brushed stainless steel.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Quick heating up system
  • Self-purging after every use.
  • Accurate espresso extraction.


  • Not the best choice for heavy coffee consumption.

#6- Dual Temp Pro BES810BSSUSC – Best for Extracting Shots Simultaneously

Key Features

  • Made of brushed stainless steel.
  • 15-bar Italian pump.
  • 61 oz water reservoir in a compact design.

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Breville has set low pressure for this machine to ensure proper coffee blooming before the extraction process begins. Once the coffee blooms it slowly begins to increase the pressure for the extraction process to begin. Moreover, it features an Italian pump with a 15-bar capacity.

Using this machine, you can go for a single and double shots at the same time. The machines allow you to change the espresso shot volume comfortably and manually. If you prefer drinking light shots at times and then go for a bit more boldness then this machine is the right option for you.

The controls of these machines are very simple as well. There are just a couple of buttons and a dial right in the middle. If you’re new to coffee-making or have a tough schedule to keep then this might be it for you.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Compact design for a smaller footprint.
  • Extract single or double sots simultaneously.
  • 61 oz water reservoir tank.
  • Its steam wand creates a good tasting froth that adds a lot of flavors in the end.


  • It’s too simple for a true coffee aficionado.

#7- Cafe Roma ESP8XL – Best for Budget

Key Features

  • A true space saver.
  • 15-bar thermoblock pump.
  • Froth enhancer.

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If you have things for a milder cup of coffee you will love Cafe Roma. The machine doesn’t produce that strong-tasting coffee. You will have to choose high-quality coffee beans to go with this machine.

Despite being mild in the brewing process the machine does a fine job when it comes to creating quality textured milk. The rich-tasting cream makes the final cup of coffee mild. But if you don’t like bold coffees then this machine is the right option for you to choose.

This machine has a simple design and there is no complexity associated with the controls that it has. There are just a power button and a dial that allows you to choose brewing or frothing. However, your purchase does include some accessories including a cup-warming pitcher, a froth enhancer, and a measuring spoon.

It also comes with a water tank capacity of 40.6 oz, it can serve up to 4 people. But if you’re an avid coffee drinker, you might have to go for a refill. Durability is there like a norm by Breville as this machine is also made of high-quality stainless steel.


  • Compact construction.
  • Effortless controls.
  • Steam wand produces rich textured cream.
  • Stainless-steel durability.
  • 15-bar thermoblock pump to extract the most flavor.


  •  The coffees are very mild.

#8- Creatista Plus BNE800BSSUSC – Best for Nespressos

Key Features

  • Works with different pods and capsules.
  • Different starting coffees.
  • Pretty straightforward to use.

Read our full Creatista Plus BNE800BSSUSC here

Nespresso machines allow you to prepare a huge variety of flavors with your coffee. Anything from hazelnut to chocolate pumpkin, you think about it and it’s there. Just insert the pod into the space inside the machine and start extracting the coffee.

The versatility of your drinks will be phenomenal. But for the traditional people who like the conventional taste of coffee, well they won’t be too impressed with what a Nespresso can do for them.

These machines are designed to mix and match different flavors. If you are looking for that traditional flavor, you will need to go for freshly ground coffee. And this is something you cannot use with a Nespresso machine. But that doesn’t mean Creatista Plus has nothing to offer. Apart from the flavor variety, you are also getting a compact size, and you can conveniently place it anywhere even if you are low on space.

Its milk frother is top-notch which is nothing new as it has become a norm by Breville. One feature that makes this machine even simpler to use is it comes with a TFT screen. You just have to push the button to start the brewing princess and then the frothing. It comes with a 1.5 L water reservoir and can serve a small group of people.

Furthermore, it uses 19-bar pressure to extract the maximum coffee flavors from the pod. And of course, you can brew regular coffee with this machine too. Your purchase also includes a water hardness strip, a BPA-free milk jug, and a tasting cup.


  • Pretty convenient to use.
  • Different flavors.
  • Words with capsules and pods.
  • Not too difficult to clean.
  • Doesn’t take much space either.


  • Not for the true coffee fans.

#9- Barista Express BES870XL – Best for Baristas

Key Features

  • Full manual control.
  • High-quality steam wand.
  • Taste that resembles your local cafe.

Read our full Barista Express BES870XL here

If you have plenty of experience in making coffee this machine is the right option for you to consider. It is designed to put you in charge of your cup. Not only can you alter the volumetric dosage of your shots and change the water and coffee content in each of those shots but you can lose change the pressure and temperature for the extraction process.

It features an inbuilt grinder that is designed to preserve the flavor of coffee beans for a longer time. The burr grinder can grind coffee on demand and provides the portafilter with enough coffee according to your preferred tastes baked on the roast you are using.

With the PID features, you can set the temperature for coffee extraction, and to top it all off also have access to a high-quality steam wand that produces extremely creamy and rich flavored frothing. If you are looking to make some latte art then this is it. You don’t have to look any further.

There is a separate dial for you to use and alter the grind size. So whatever roast you are using, you can change the grind sizes according to your needs. You can manually override the process if you want to create a recipe of your own.


  • A choice for a professional barista.
  • Manual override available.
  • Change the grind size.
  • Alter the pressure and temperature based on your recipe.
  • User-friendly controls.


  • It’s a pretty heavy machine, and transporting it is not an easy task.

#10- Infuser BES840XL/A – Best for Pre-Infusion Feature

Key Features

  • Lightweight design.
  • Pre-infusion function.
  • Available in different colors.

Read our full Infuser BES840XL/A here

With its pre-infusion function feature, the machine keeps low pressure at the beginning of the extraction process. And gradually expands the grinds for even extraction. It doesn’t come with a 61 fl oz water tank so it can serve 3 to 4 people pretty well.

The machine can self-purge after each extraction and the 15-bar Italian pump ensures the extraction process remains steady for a more saturated and even taste. Breville’s signature PID is there as well and you can also control the coffee and water content in your shots.

Furthermore, it comes with a compact footprint and you can easily fit it inside your kitchen cabinet or your counter. You can also move it around comfortably as it is not too heavy. The steam wand produces quality frothing which is not very airy. If you are looking to create latte art, then this steam wand won’t disappoint you.

You won’t get an inbuilt grinder here and hence you will have to invest in a quality grinder as well if you don’t have one already. Also, make sure you always use quality coffee beans to ensure your final cup has the maximum flavor in it.


  • Small footprint.
  • Lightweight to move around.
  • Available in different colors.
  • 61 oz water reservoir.
  • PID and auto-purge features.


  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt grinder.

Buying Guide for Buying the Best Automatic Machine

The number of coffee machines is so overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for, you might end up putting your money on a coffee machine you never wanted in the first place. Always look for the most preferred features closely, before buying. If a coffee machine checks all the boxes, you can safely invest in it.

Here are some of the important features you need to consider before buying.

  • Taste

Without any doubt, the taste is the crucial aspect associated with a coffee machine. If it cannot produce the taste you are looking for; you shouldn’t buy it. But how can you find out about taste without trying out a coffee machine? Well, you can do so by reading several online reviews. These reviews will tell you in detail about how a machine performs and what taste it can produce.

To simplify things for you we have we are highlighting which machine produces the best taste and which doesn’t. Super-automatic machines are not consistent in their flavors and this usually happens because you need to pay more attention to cleaning and descaling.

Semi-automatic machines are far better in terms of tastes with all other factors being constant. The Dual Boiler BES920XL, Oracle BES980XL, Dual Temp Pro BES810BSSUSC, Barista Express BES870XL, and Infuser BES840XL/A are all great in taste

  • Brewing Capacity

If you are buying a coffee machine for your home or office where you need to serve a small group of coffee lovers, you need to have a machine that comes with a larger brewing capacity.

If you will be joined by only a couple of your family members or friends, you might not need that big of a crewing capacity. Therefore, make sure you go for the right water reservoir capacity or you will append more time refiling the machine than consuming your coffee.

The suitable machines for large groups are Dual Boiler BES920XL, Oracle BES980XL, and Oracle Touch BES990BSSUSC. All these three machines come with a brewing capacity of more than 10 cups. For individual use, you can go for the Cafe Roma ESP8XL with a 5-cup brewing capacity or Creatista Plus Nespresso BNE800BSSUSC with a 6.5-cup brewing capacity.

  • Materials

You don’t have to worry about this feature because Breville only uses stainless steel and plastic to design and construct its coffee machines. In most cases, you will see a stainless-steel body with a few accents of plastic.

Some low-end models have plastic bodies with hints of steel, especially on the inside. If you won’t be moving your machine a lot, you may go for a steel body. The plastic ones are lighter and they are very easy to move.

  • Cleaning

Breville coffee machines are effortless to descale and clean because most of them come with inbuilt cleaning and descaling features, the ones that we have reviewed all come with these features inbuilt.

You can also go through the information that Breville provides about detailed procedures you can take to clean or descale your coffee machine. The brand also provides you with different descaling tablets to further simplify the process.

  • Frothing

The steam wands are made of solid steel. These coffee machines come with dedicated boilers systems so the machines that froth milk won’t have different textures.

You can alter the textures by altering the temperature using these wands. In other words, if you are a huge fan of latte art then Breville is not going to disappoint you.

  • Grinding

A grinder is a must-have feature for you if you don’t already own one. Having such a device will make sure you always use fresh ground coffee beans to make your cup. But having a bean hopper on the top might make the machine bigger and a bit difficult to fit somewhere under the cabinet.

Therefore, you need to go for a coffee machine only if you have enough space available to place it with the grinder. Of course, if you have a grinder already then you can go for a smaller coffee machine.

The Barista Touch BES880BSS, Oracle BES980XL, Oracle Touch BES990BSSUSC, Cafe Roma ESP8XL, Barista Express BES870XL, and Infuser BES840XL/A all come with an inbuilt grinder features an 8 oz bean hopper.


How often should I clean my Breville coffee machine?

There is an indicator that will highlight when your Breville coffee machines need to be cleaned or descaled in most cases. You can also take guidance from the instructions manual. Usually, you need to descale it once every ten days provided that you use it regularly. If you don’t use it regularly, descaling or cleaning it fortnightly would be good enough.

Can I make regular coffee with my Breville coffee machine?

No, most of these coffee machines by Breville are designed for specialized coffee recipes. You can make regular cups of coffee even without a coffee machine. However, Breville Nespresso is a machine that allows you to make regular cups of coffee without any issue.

Should I go for an inbuilt grinder or not?

It is much more of a personal preference than anything else. If you already own a grinder you don’t need to go for an inbuilt grinder. Maybe you don’t have enough space under your counter or inside yourself where you will put your machine.

In such a case you can go for a removable grinder. In-built grinders are convenient because you are going for the whole bean-to-cup experience with your coffee machine. But again some people even use pre-ground coffee. So it’s all up to you!

Is Breville worth considering?

Breville has been around since 1932 and right from the beginning the company had focused on quality more than anything else. Their business philosophy revolves around innovation, and you will see the technologies that Breville coffee machines have to give this brand a competitive edge.

So it is a good brand and you will certainly get the value of your money no matter which coffee machine you choose.

Final Words

There you have it. Whether you prefer to drink your coffee alone or in small groups Breville is one brand that will not disappoint you.

Different Breville coffee machines are suitable for different purposes, and they all are best in their regards. If you prefer to go for a semi-automatic machine, choose the Barista Express BES870XL. The taste this machine can produce is almost similar to what you get in your local cafe.

If you are learning the art, Dual Boiler BES920XL is the perfect pick. For a simple one-touch operation choose the Barista Touch BES880BSS. There are different choices available for different users. You just need to understand what your requirements are.

Durability is one of the top features of this brand and you will see your machine will continue to perform for a long time to come. These machines come with industry-leading features that make your life easier.