Best espresso machine under 100

We have all been there when we wanted to get quality, but our budget prevented us from getting the absolute best. So, if you, as a coffee lover are in a situation like this, we are here to give a hand to a soldier in need. If you are tight on the budget, you are probably looking to get the best espresso machine under 100, and we are here to tell you that it is quite possible. Of course, in order to play your cards the right way you need to be quite informed.

Luckily for you, we will lay out your options customized to your budget, and you will end up getting the best machine for your buck. We’ve done a lot of research and ended up with the conclusion that it is rather possible to find the suitable and best espresso machine under 100, especially if you know where to look. Don’t worry, you are in the right place! But, before we get to the list of the best yet budget-friendly espresso machines, here is what you need to know.

Know what you are buying

Although you are on a tight budget, this doesn’t mean that you will get the absolutely worst. Vice versa, even if you don’t have a budget limit and you spend a fortune on a brewer, you still might end up disappointed. So, the first thing to take into consideration before making the steps of purchasing a unit is to see your own preferences. Of course, by knowing your expectations you will easily get to the point of making a final decision. This saves you a lot of time and energy, so keep it in mind.

Secondly, know that affordable espresso machines aren’t necessarily bad. Even some of the most renowned brands can offer a machine or two which is very cheap. As a preparation method, espresso can be effectively achieved through a good machine, even if it is not expensive. So, we suggest choosing your coffee machine according to the taste of the coffee it can provide you.

However, you should have realistic expectations regarding the price-range of the unit you are purchasing. Of course, some manufacturers might offer you a fully-automatic brewer at this price range, but if we are honest, that will be far from reality. Instead, if you aim too high at this budget, you might end up getting a significantly bad coffee brewer which will leave you disappointed. Also, you risk having to drink worse coffee than you imagine, and we don’t want that to happen, do we? So, we suggest doing your research on high-quality brewers and getting what you can afford. You don’t need to stretch your budget for a small appliance as a coffee maker, but still, if you invest in it, it is definitely worth it.

Which is the best espresso machine under 100 and how to find it?

In order to help you on your journey of finding the perfect coffee machine for you and your budget, we’ve done a lot of research and we’ve come up with a list of the best brewers possible within this price range. Although it was a tricky specification, we’ve managed to come up with the top 3 best budget-friendly espresso machines. Here is our pick:

1. DeLonghi EC155

As the best espresso machine under 100, the DeLonghi EC155 has a lot to offer. You’d be surprised it comes at this price range when you know all the features. This is one of the best espresso machines that DeLonghi offers, and it has been a best-seller on many lists for quite a long time. Asides from the very compact design which perfectly fits into any kitchen environment, this coffee machine can bring a lot of positive things for your mornings. Specifically, it brews excellent coffee and it perfectly extracts the aroma and the flavor from the coffee grind.

Also, we give positive feedback to the 3-in-1 filter holder. It is quite an amazing feature because it can hold just enough fine grounds for one or two espresso shots. Also, it allows you to use a pre-made pod which is a huge benefit for you, as a coffee lover.

Moreover, what really caught our eye is the significantly large water tank. The 35-ounce water tank is very easy to refill each and every time. However, considering the size and the capacity of the tank, you probably won’t need to refill it that often. Still, in addition to the handy manual frother, the overall convenience of this espresso machine is excellent. More importantly, this excellent machine features two separate thermostats which monitor the water and the steam at different temperatures. Combined with the 15-bad pump pressure and the rapid Cappuccino system, the DeLonghi EC155 is simply worth every dime!

2. Mr. Coffee ECMP50

At a very close to the first place on our list we have the incredible Mr. Coffee ECMP50. This is one of the machines that also has a world-wide known reputation for offering smooth and rich espresso taste, up to the standards of the pickiest coffee lovers.

With the Mr. Coffee espresso machine, by saving a lot of money, you get a nice, 15-bar pressure machine which is both effective, efficient and easy to use. This compact coffee machine is an incredible addition to all kitchens, regardless of their interior design. Also, it offers tremendous features too. For instance, it has a thermal block heating system which increases the speed of the brewer significantly. Moreover, it has tamping tools included in the package, and the frother is built-in.

Just like the DeLonghi we mentioned above, this one too has a water tank with incredible capacity of 40-ounces. In addition to this, the handiness is increased with the removable drip tray. All in all, although the second best espresso machine under 100 on our list, the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 is definitely a worthy purchase.

3. Saeco HD8325/47

It is always a sight for sore eyes to see a not-so-famous brand making its way into the market. One of those is Saeco which obviously offers a nice espresso machine at a very reasonable price. You should know that the Saeco HD8325 offers quite unique features. From their patented pressurized port filter, to the Pannarello which can froth the milk according to your specific preference, this coffee machine is quite a good bargain.

For a 15-bar pump espresso machine, it also features some other nice things, like the super-handy stainless steel cup warmer and the e.s.e (easy serving espresso) pods. Knowing that you can get an espresso machine like this one at a very reasonable price should definitely make you consider putting it on your shopping list. We promise you, you won’t regret it either.


We understand that being on a tight budget can be hard, but don’t let it prevent you from having a high-quality coffee in the morning. After all, the morning is the most important part of the day. So, make a small investment into either one of the aforementioned espresso machines, and we promise you, you’ll see that it is worth it too.