About Coffee Works

Julien Raby, founder of Coffee Works

Hey there and welcome to Coffee Works. I’m Julien Raby, the founder and manager of this website. For the last 10 years, I (over)worked in online advertising. Now, my fulltime job is to drink, review and write about coffee 🙂

I worked for 5 years as a barista in a high-end hotel to pay for my studies, so I know a thing or two about coffee. My goal is to provide you with unbiased coffee machine reviews and how tos.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!

Other Coffee-Works writers

Umer Abdullah

Working as a barista for 3 years, I know how important is morning coffee. A cup of good latte or cappuccino can make or break your day. I can sum up myself in a few words:  a fanatic Netflix fan, traveler, food lover, and a coffeeholic.