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Wanted to be an architect… completed a technology career working for Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station Philadelphia for 34 years in mechanical engineering, management and customer support…  focused now on entrepreneurial pursuits including proprietor Coffee Works Too ~ Brewed From the Heart, authoring writing projects, and helping people survive life’s challenges using the techniques of Professional Family Mediation.

Who is Wade Cohen? … Proud father to Sydney and Logan …  a Toastmaster since Y2000 learning to find my voice through group public speaking and leadership opportunities… a karaoke enthusiast, also learning to find my voice in a musical way… love to cook and entertain… remain free spirited enjoying dancing to Blitz band or slow ballads during karaoke… am inquisitive, tending not to hold back thoughts or feelings… such as preferring mountain lakes to the always popular warm beach (do enjoy body surfing ).

Being a little nutty, overly helpful and passionate about most things (thanks to ENTP, a little type A…and some ADHD), provides a strong platform to be misunderstood … while trying to change to world… when not reminiscing about the good old days … and the best of times.

I always strive to be a better person, now walking a positive path of less resistance while talking with positive energy.

**Early retirement in 2011 from my 34 year career with US Navy.
**Founder Stepping Stone Mediation Services in 2012
**Founder in 1998 of Coffee Works Roastery & Cafe at Ritz Center Voorhees, NJ, aka, Brewed From the Heart!!!

FAV movies:    Feel Good ~ Pay it Forward           Comedy ~ The in-laws             Musical ~ Les Miserables            Art film ~ Slumdog Millionaire          Life’s experiences ~ Fried Green Tomatoes

Music? Enjoy jazz, R&B, swing, classic 60s, 70s, songs that tell stories, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Harry Chapin, Melissa Manchester, Elton John, Bee Gees, Three Dog Night, The Who

Interests – Yoga, racket sports, swimming & diving, cooking, personal growth, getting better at karaoke, happy hour 😉

Dreams – Watch my kids grow and evolve into whatever is meant to be. Evolve Coffee Works Too ~ Brewed From the Heart with Stepping Stong Mediation Services into a community changing experience regarding ” Life Matters”. A second life-career driven by right brain creativity. An enjoyable experience that allows me to work around my family schedule and travel to exotic places… Write and PUBLISH books and screen plays!!

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