Brewed From The Heart


Coffee Works Too ~ Brewed From the Heart has emerged as the cornerstone of From the Heart Studio and Stepping Stone Mediation Services. We offer a journey of discovery and determination, presenting a unique blend of life experience which could percolate from kitchen conversation or originate from the informal flash mob that forms at our little coffeehouse.

Our cafe has provided many local students an opportunity to work, learn and grow into a successful career. One of favorite stories originated in Summer 2000 when Toni Walton followed her brother Mike Walton into her very first job here at Coffee Works. 12 years later she opened Sweet T’s Bakeshop. Here is a link to Toni’s story:

Our Coffee Works Tuesday night open mic has provided grounds for many local artists to launch their music careers. There are many creative ways artists perform at our open Mics… Our next story is the Live Stream video we broadcast on Tuesday October 15th. when Wheelchair Bruce gave us a very poignant performance:

Over the years many happy memories have been created at Coffee Works. The out pouring of support from the community to The out pouring of support from the community to keep Coffee Works alive provided the motivation to create Coffee Works Too ~ Brewed From the Heart. Our passion for fine food and beverage, moving musical performances and the opportunity for heart felt stories to be written during the daily grind of life keeps us energized to be the best we can be.


Mission & Vision: Architecting positive change through synergy of people, businesses, and governing community; enhanced educational energy and family stability; effective conflict management; and advocacy of cause from the heart – because life matters.

  • Thought, Assessment, Strategy, Achievement, Positive Outcomes
  • Re-frame the sense of community through:

o   Collaborative energy – Your Extended Family – Your Unconventional Family –

o   Architecting Change – your Community Voice

o   Progressive teaching methods for inspired learning

o   Advocacy – from truth seeking and your voice from the heart

o   Stewarding positive change through creative solutions, coaching, mentoring

  • The Stepping Stones to your family’s positive forward path

Coffeehouse to Stepping Stones is born from a passionate pursuit to put one’s life in context. It is a work in progress, echoing one person’s perspective as shaped by the influences of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

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