Brewed From The Heart

Important Janis Ian Show Information

Here are the latest details  for the shows:

Tonight’s show (10/28) will go on as scheduled.
Show time is 8pm. Doors will open by 7pm (hopefully sooner)
There are a few tickets (just a few)  still available and you can order them online
or at  the door – they will be $45.
Monday’s Concert is postponed until Wednesday 10/31.
We feel this is the safest for everyone as the outlook for Monday is not good.
All tickets for Monday’s show will be honored on Wednesday 10/31 – 8pm
This show is SOLD OUT
If you have tickets for Monday and Can Not attend Wednesday you have a couple of options:
1. If you would like to attend TONIGHT’s show (10/28) or Thursday’s show (11/1)
    please contact us ASAP and we can move your tickets as availability permits
    Best contact is through email –
    This will be handled first come first served.
2. If you can not attend any of the shows we will issue you a refund
    please send an email to  requesting a refund
    in this email please include your phone # if we need to contact you about it.
Thursday 11/1 8pm – this show is ON!
 and there is around 20 tickets available – which you can purchase on our website
Please keep an eye on your email and our website for any other updated information
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and we will see you at the shows!